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Cripes it’s chilly – and then some! Still, at least today it isn’t raining as well as being Brass Monkeys cold.

I’ve not been out and about much at all the last few days. Being very good and putting my head in between the cotton-wool-brain inducing material that is Litigation or Estates legal material. Sigh, it’s tough work, I’m telling you! Still, I’m making headway. Or at least that is how I’m feeling. The renewed commitment to getting through the course work rather than sinking into a funk because there is SO MUCH of the course work to get through is paying off.

And the crafting as reward moments are like little beacons. Last night I went to a friend’s church women’s evening and was shown how to make a cute little mini-album. It will be just perfect for a teacher’s gift at the end of the year. Tonight, I might do some cards or work on a couple of uncompleted layouts. I feel like I’ve earned the pleasure of either pretty paper or pretty fabric 🙂

But I’m getting crafty in other ways too.

I usually stop in most mornings at an elderly neighbour’s after the school run in the morning. Mainly to check how she is doing, partly as a guaranteed 45 minutes of social interation during the day. She’s been working on a tapestry of a horse and has been struggling with her eyesight as she waits for her second cateract operation. There are big bits where the colours are easily distinguishable, and I guess about a third were there are lots of colour changes and it’s not so easy for her to work on. She is also an absolute beginner when it comes to handcrafts… she started these kind of projects as a result of getting to know me 😆 Anyway, in order to help her out, I’ve been working on the harder parts for her. It’s coming together quite nicely with the two of us working almost daily on it. And it’s been a great solution: she gets the continued motivation to keep working on it, I get a 30 minute fix of craftiness along with coffee and company.



9 thoughts on “Brrrrrr!

  1. The crafty reward is just perfect for doing all that study and what a nice neighbour you are. I’m sure she appreciates it as much as you enjoy doing the tapestry and having a coffee.

  2. You are so kind to be there for your neighbour, and visit her so often … the world needs more people like you!
    Glad to hear that you are getting through your coursework. The reward of time for crafty stuff is a great incentive for you to keep going strong!

  3. Good for you to be in touch with your neighbour like that!
    So many people barely know who lives next door these days, it’s a miracle if they even speak 😦

  4. Sounds like a win/win situation to me Kelly and that has to be good for the both of you. Well done on that effort and changing the focus of the study. I had to go out to an appt earlier and it was bitter. We plan to hole up all weekend.

  5. That is lovely of you to check in with your neighbour. And nice for you too 🙂
    Isn’t it COLD? Man, I’ve been attached to my fire ALL Day! LOL

  6. kelly are you over this weather yet? SHEESH! tara and i went walking today – THREE layers of kathmandu and donned beanies and the wind STILL went RIGHT through me. brrrrrrrrrr!

  7. Know what you mean re the weather…. today was a lot colder though!!! WOnder what the temp was??? I was the sucker on outside duty and it was freezing!!! as for your study….. good on you.. I am like that too…. I set a time limit…. 60 mins and then I do 15 mins of craft/read a book/walk outside then back to it… small little incentives to keep me going… as for checking on your neighbour and helping her out – YAH for you!!!!!

  8. What an absolutely awesome thing to do … good on you … today there doesn’t seem to be enough people doing things like that Kelly … you can be so totally proud of yourself.

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