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WoooHooot Wednesday

Yes, it’s time to join Janine in her day of good tidings.

My list includes the fact I managed to choose some fabric – online no less! – and it has arrived. This would be for the lovely bag I want to make up. The fabric I chose was the Joel Dewberry “Chestnut Hill” colours – and it is every bit as rich and vibrant as I was hoping it would be. (To be specific, I chose in the eggplant colours; “branches”, “ironwork”, “buttercup” and “modern petal”) I’m thrilled!

And yeah: if anyone wants me to make one, I can. You’ll need to be extremely patient – it might not get to you for a year or two. And you’ll need to supply the fabric! šŸ˜› Please form an orderly queue to the left, thanks. šŸ˜†

I’ve realised I need to seriously get on top of my study and have managed to actually do some every day so far this week. There’s a lot of material to get through – but I’m committed to getting back on top of this and ensuring I complete this year. It means I need to NOT do the crafty things so much (because I LOVE that more than the study and can easily incorrectly choose one task over the other…..) That’s a real bummer. But it means I’m still focussed on getting the discipline right – and it means I have some excellent rewards waiting for my attention šŸ™‚

Shoes. I managed to get a pair today for Mr 4 that support his arches and ankles well. I didn’t need to travel into Wellington and they were on sale. He’s not thrilled with them because they are lace-ups, but they are good for his feet. It’s a bummer that it takes an enormous effort for me to ensure I get good shoes for him, so I’m always pleased when I get a pair that get virtually all the ticks. The one tick off these ones is the fact he’s not thrilled by them too – but now his toes are not touching the ends so they must be more comfortable. Plus: I told them the store manager he should seriously consider stocking a particular brand that I can get in town – and he was very keen on the idea. Fingers crossed that will be followed up on and I will have a local stockist of what I want. (ETA: yes, they are expensive šŸ˜¦ , but Mr 4’s feet have a few issues where I need to consider quality over price…. so…..)

Coffee and cupcakes with friends – yeah, I’m still in the afterglow of Monday’s exploits!

It’s 4pm – and I think I know what we’re having for dinner tonight. Possibly.


9 thoughts on “WoooHooot Wednesday

  1. cupcakes? YUUUUUUUUUUUUM! my new favourite food. don’t get me started on kids’ shoes. miss 10’s netball shoes were $120 – read it and weep. the only reason i got them was the 2nd pair for miss 11 were half price $60 – so $180 for TWO pair of kids shoes. SHEESH! my WW is up too!

  2. Hooray for getting on top of the study! I can see how it would be easy to “incorrectly choose” the wrong option when it comes to study vs being creative! So well done you!

    Oooooops! No, I’m not on top of it – just realising I need to GET on top of it. And fast! Really fast.

  3. Go you … sounds like one is definitely more pleasurable than the other – ROFLMAO … but you know which one it is that you should be doing more of … and that’s all I will say on the subject. And YEP, know all about how much shoes cost …

  4. Great list there Kelly…… they say you pay for what you get and with shoes and children fees, that does matter. Standing in the orderly queue lol…..have fun over the next year playing with that. Go you on the study, you can do it!!

  5. Know what you are saying about the shoes – but quality over price is the way to go. Good luck with the studying and with your bag all ready to start would say that you have quite a bit on your plate at the moment.

  6. know what you mean… when I am at home trying to work over the weekend, it is hard to concentrate…. not helped by my scrap table staring at me from across the room!!!!! good luck with that.. and as for the shoes… pricey or not, you dont want to play around with little people’s feet!!!! they need them to all good for future life

  7. Hey … I wanna be first in line … pushes in front of Janine … and that queue is no longer orderly!

    I don’t envy you having to put study in front of being creative … but go you, you can do it. And yay for new kid shoes … I’ll count myself fortunate that cheaper warehouse shoes seem to be working fine for us.

  8. LOL you’ve got scrappers, scrapping on your blog now…I don’t know that Miss Beverley pushing and shov’n the angelic one just to get to the front LOL. All the best with the studying, maybe you could do a bit of an assignment and them reward yourself with something scrapbooking wise (hee hee hee ‘cos that would then include shopping!) or sewing etc…

  9. EEK! Kids shoes are a nightmare!
    Hubby’s cousin has just stopped growing at 20 and is in UK/Aus size 16 – 17 mens shoes, which are impossible to find!

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