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Holiday fun and stuff: the photos

Yes, finally, I managed to get my act together and download some photos. There’s a few to be gone through and picked out for scrapping.

This is the view from our kitchen window at the apartment in Hanmer – delightful, isn’t it? We overlooked the golf course and it was snow from our place all the way to the mountains.

Yes, it’s a blurry action shot, but you get a taste of the sheer joy these two had with their very first experience of snow. The woolley mittens proved no match and Mr 4 was inside with cold hands as soon as they had turned into ice-blocks!

Probably because the wet, cold gloves had come off and bare hands were being used. Mainly to gather snow for eating. Apparently that’s better than an ice-block!

While Mr 4 was thawing out his hands, Mr 7 was making snow angels on the green. πŸ™‚

And I couldn’t help but jump the fence myself and help with snowman building. Unfortunately, it’s been a while since I built a snowman and I’d forgotten all correct techniques.

Snowman number one definitely looks more like a snow ghost!

While mum and Mr 7 were having fun across the field, the first of the absolutely beautiful doggies at this place realised that Mr 7 was a fun monkey and clearly a soul-mate. She got all excited at the mere sight of Mr 7 and so when the snow man was done, Mr 7 came and introduced himself properly.

From there, they were virtually inseperable. Both dogs were the most stunning, well-behaved, quiet, friendly golden retrievers. And Mr 7 enjoyed every second. I’ve captured a few moments when they were just hanging out – in the freezing cold later in the day. I didn’t actually know where he was and then discovered they were both outside, really just hanging.

Oh, and being fed snow! Not sure if that is a good thing for dogs or not, so this activity was curtailed at bit.

Then we went out for an explore of the village. And of course found many delightful cafes and had a lovely lunch. And proceeded to walk that lovely lunch off – around by the lake / stream walkway. Where there was LOTS of snow.

And we honed our snow man building skills.

Rolling them first helps make them REALLY big!! So big, Mr 7 can hardly push it any further.

So Mr 4 comes to the rescue…. two are definitely better for pushing the snow into BIGGER balls of snow!

Oh! See how Mr 4 has new gloves? We found a place that sold great snow gear. I got some proper gloves for me too – having had my fingers frozen off in the morning, I decided the only way I was going to join in the snowball fights was if I had a decent pair as well.

Making the snowballs.

Throwing them – darn – I have no shots of their great aim. Probably because I was running!! (I also should admit to the slight competitive streak coming through: I made sure I got them with some great shots as well!! Heeheee!)

Another snowman that we made – and hugged. Cute, hey?

Now we are in Christchurch and waiting for the band marching to start. We have cousin S with us for they day (My little brother’s daughter). The Mr’s and S found lovely long willow switches that looked and behaved like fishing rods. So while we were waiting for Titan to march, there was a lot of fishing being done in the Avon.

Lots of looking at the water flowing too. I forget how pretty the Avon is to just sit and contemplate.

Now, here is what we made the trip for: the band nationals. Titan is marching (Hubby is there on the end, playing the tenor horn)

The kids all enjoyed the spectacle – as did quite a few locals. There was quite a decent crowd that came and watched the display.

As for the results, well, the band were really pleased with how they played. Unfortunately, their results weren’t quite as reflective of that. There was a feeling of being a bit robbed, but overall, the band knew they had played well and made do with that. Pelorus won the B-grade – so at least it was another Wellington band πŸ™‚

On the way back home again. We stopped off in Kaikoura for a run around and some energy busting. This playground was just what we needed.

So yes, it was a very fun trip. And as you can see, there’s definitely a few highlights waiting to be scrapped into the albums.


15 thoughts on “Holiday fun and stuff: the photos

  1. Scenery looks stunning – but COLD!!!! Go you on the gloves … it’s a feeling that you can do without – burning cold hands!!!!

    Look forward to seeing your creativity.

  2. great photos, the boys look like they had a blast in that snow, love how you all homed your skills in that area of building snowmen. Looking forward to seeing how you scrap these photos. Love those new gloves, def needed with all that snow. Gosh those band uniforms are very smart, I like that colour blue, well done on the result.

  3. I am SOOOO jealous!!! That’s it, we ARE taking our kids to the snow this year, I just know they will love it! Seeing your boys having so much fun, smiling, and looking sooooo happy has just cemented the idea firmly for me. DH loves the snow, so needs no encouragement, but I don’t like being cold! This post has given me the push I needed. Ethan has been to the snow several times, but all before he turned 2. Tyler has never been. He’s been to Snow Planet heaps (and consequently, also loves to EAT the snow) but hasn’t been to the REAL snow. But soon he will … πŸ˜‰

    The band photos are awesome, too. The guys look so smart & handsome all dressed up in their band uniform, sorry they didn’t win but at least they played well and enjoyed themselves.

  4. Helllllo to you to Kell:) Thanks for visiting & leaving a comment doll!

    Love your photos…so much *F U N* in all that gorgeous snow! Am looking forward to seeing your layouts:)

  5. Now you sure did get the snow – they are fantastic photos. That pond was at the back of where we were staying and it was frozen over. Very funny watching the ducks on it.

    Looking forward to the layouts now.

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  7. Great photos – gotta love the snow!! if only it wasn’t so darned cold and wet!!!but sooooo beautiful!! to think we never had snow in town here in ChCh when I was growing up – and now we have it EVERY year; SEVERAL times a year!!

  8. Snow you had snow how cool is that (oops no pun intended) wow I love the pics and the snow man and the snow angel – oh heck I love then all thank you so much for sharing them and I am so glad you all had an awesome time full of special memories πŸ™‚

  9. Wow!!!!! looks like everyone had a great time! We will have to go to the snow sometime soon. Nicola was only a couple of months old so doesn’t remember the last time! LOL!!!!

  10. Oh myyyyyyyyyyy snowwwwwwwwwww!!! Snowmen * awww* happy childhood memories return.
    Looks like you had tons and tons of fun on this trip and gorgeous photos to proove it πŸ™‚

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