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On-line shopping

Ok, so yes, I KNOW I was meant to be uploading a bunch of photos for you all today… they might still come a bit later. Trouble is, I’ve been surfing online, trying to find some fabric for this little baby:

It’s the Miranda Day tote from Lazy Girls Designs – (a pattern I picked up from The Quilter’s Barn in Blenheim… another practical souvenir!) and the truth is, I love the fabric in this picture as much as I love the bag itself. Wouldn’t it be great to say, hey, I love that fabric, where can I get some that won’t sting me in postage – and that is exactly what I want??

But hopefully, thanks to the power of the internet and trawling for hours while the Mr’s plus Neighbour Mr are playing downstairs (and raiding the pantry 😯 ) I think I found some. At least I hope I have… I quite like the loooks of Joel Dewberry’s Chestnut hill collection I think I’m leaning towards the “Stream” palette. What do you think??


14 thoughts on “On-line shopping

  1. Yes, yes, yes … I neeeeeeed one too! Love it! Like you say, it’s the fabric that makes it so just totally perfect… have you checked at Scrapbooking by Design? How do you do fabrics on-line when you can’t feel them first?

  2. Yes, definitely the “Stream” selection – very funky colours and patterns. I think the bag is awesome – I can’t sew at all so I admire those of you who can.

  3. Oh loving the bag! * pushes everyone outa the way* me me want;p LOL
    What gorgeous fabric, from chestnut I like stream the best and from all the ones on offer I reckon I am a gingsenf gal ;p

  4. I didn’t see an email address to contact you privately, but I had a few notes to share regarding Miranda.

    The fabric on the cover is ‘Harmony’ by Windham. You can read more about it at my blog here:

    I have a few add-on tips for the bag as well and those can be found here:

    Cinch the top of the bag

    Add a pocket flap closure

    And some thoughts on choosing and attaching fashion handles

    I hope you have a chance to give Miranda a try and enjoy her. The Joel Dewberry fabrics would be ideal for Miranda.

    My best,

  5. OMG, that is a gorgeous bag!!! I love both color palettes. I’d love to make this bag too. I’m checking out those Basic Grey fabrics too, wonder what they cost……………….

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