Home again!

Why is it that your own bed always feels the best? I had the best night’s sleep I’ve had in a week and I’m convinced it was because it was my own bed. All the other beds slept in were perfectly fine (well, except ONE!) yet, last night was the first really good night’s sleep.

We arrived last night back home after a very smooth crossing in the Ferry. You all know that I was dreading it a little as the weather was threatening to be lumpy. Again, I was very grateful. I got a bit of study in while the Mr’s and Hubby were occupied in the play-gym area located about 5 decks below me. An excellent spot to be at this point in the proceedings. Yes, Mr 7 was well over-tired and doing the whingey, whiney thing extraordinarily well. Pushed my buttons?? Oh yes!!

One of the totally fun aspects to my part of the trip was getting to meet Tanya Leigh and Vicky the other night. It was fun to actually get to meet these two ladies in person…. and I had a ball. Not a lot of scrapping though – depsite my efforts to purchase some supplies and get some photos printed. That might have been because of the chatting and the laughing. Maybe. 😆

This morning was a lazy start. Hubby had taken the day of work, which isn’t the usual thing. But it gives us all the chance to unwind and prepare to get back into the swing of things tomorrow. I only got out of my PJs around 10ish this morning…. very decadent! And now, I see I have about eleventy-billion e-mails, blogs, and forum posts to catch up on. All the while getting the washing through, organising the house (why is it that the house seems to need attention even though you haven’t been home????) and possibly organising some food for the monsters. Best get to it!

Promise some photos in the next day or two. Really! 😆


12 thoughts on “Home again!

  1. Welcome home – and yes your own bed is the best. Eleventy billion hah -now thats a lot of reading! LOL

    Want to see your snow photos.

  2. Eleventy billion … okay so we won’t see you for a while then … ROFLMAO …

    Welcome home, welcome back and yep, nothing beats sleeping in your own bed.

    Look forward to show and tell in the pic department … now get back to reading all your emails buddy!!!

  3. Glad you made it home ok Kelly and yahoo for a smooth crossing on the ferry. It was great to meet you finally. Not alot of scrapping done between us all but never mind. Still nice to have a coffee, chips and dip. Take care! 🙂

  4. mmmm your own bed a definite….. love it
    as for the ferry crossing glad it was a smooth one.

  5. welcome home and make that eleventy billion and one emails as I sent you one about an hour ago lol……..nothing like some light reading. Glad to read that the ferry sailing was smooth, now that has to be good and you had a nice day to come back too. Always fab to meet online bloggy/scrappy friendsin real life. Sounded like a great break away for all. How did Dh’s band/team go in the comps?

  6. Welcome back! Sounds like you had a fantastic trip and another lucky quiet ferry crossing!
    It’s so cool to meet up with a scrapsis in real life aint it?
    Now we all wanna see some pics pof that meeting;p

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