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Evidence of birthday fun….

While waiting for Hubby to come home with the chosen birthday tea, Mr 7 finished off his latest CJ round. It’s a bit late (again! – sorry Beverley 😳 ) but I think he did a great job, n’est pas? {Oh, and the “Friends” was spelt correctly…. we just had a wee placement issue with the stamps…}

I had some help in the kitchen from Mr 4 with the cream…..

The Orange cake…. Mr 7’s favourite colour is orange so I went out to the cake decorating place (I know where it is now…yay!) and got some quality gel food colouring. Can I say, bright orange? Yep, ’twas great!

Mr 7 thought it was great – and he loved the rugby guy on it that I found. Apparently this is his “best ever” birthday cake. For Real. Gotta love the enthusiasm 🙂


8 thoughts on “Evidence of birthday fun….

  1. oh wow very cool cake so tell me about the icing stuff thingy…..cos it looks mighty impressive.

  2. Lordy you didn’t need candles, the cake could have glowed in the dark lol.
    It looks lovely and he looks like he loved every minute of it 🙂

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