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Making the most of the weekend

Yesterday we headed out for a bit of a Sunday drive. We haven’t done this very much recently because of the price of petrol, but it seemed like a good thing to do to make the most of the extra bit of time we found oursleves with thanks to Junior Rugby being cancelled yesterday.

After a quick visit to Hubby’s mum in the home, it was approaching lunch time. Seeing as we were kind of out that way, we decided to head on out to Short Straw cafe. This is one totally, fabulous family oriented cafe for both summer and winter. It’s out in the wops a bit, which definitely adds to its charm. The Mr’s enjoyed their kid’s platter, but most of all really enjoyed playing out in the sun (very weak, wintery sun, but sun nonetheless). We had managed to get the perfect corner couch seat so I could enjoy their energy from the inside, while remaining cosy and warm and rugged up myself. See…. being a bit sensible here! 😆

I’m so glad we did. Because to day, the weather is just S*&%. Truly. A leak that we get in the lounge only when it is really blowing a southerly and driving the rain in re-emerged. Oh joy. Apart from catching the drips, and the clean up after, it’s not so bad but still. But before we noticed that little issue, we had some family fun.

Mr 6 has his birthday on Wednesday and because I am trying to avoid doing full-on parties every year, we decided to take just 3 friends to laser-strike then get some food afterward. All was well and good – except the fact that the ONLY time I could get was 9.30am this morning. Too darn early in real life! It meant too that all the friends were asked to skip church, which they did so we were lucky. Hubby and Mr 4 made up the numbers to 6 and it made for a good game to watch on the little screens. (I personally don’t enjoy laser-tag so was happy to sit it out.) From the looks on all their faces and the excitement that oozed out of them at the end, this was a very good boy activity! 😆 Even Hubby worked up quite a sweat from the running around!

We then went to McD’s for some replenishment and after another indoor run-around session at their playground, headed off back home. I decided the weather meant we still had an hour of being cooped up together before the boy’s families had finished their activities and came to claim the boys, so I popped in to pick up some rental Playstation games. Boy, those Buzz games are great for these kinds of days! We also picked up a Ratchet and Clank game (….do I sound like I know what I am talking about?? Because I don’t!) Between these things, some jig-saws and some lego at home, this has been quite the party. Come pick-up time, we had a total of 5 boys all playing pleasantly and quietly doing various activities in the warm lounge.

I swear I did not drug any of them!!! 😆

Oh, and yesterday, before the fun and games of today; I managed to get an hour or so to myself. And whipped up this:

You might remember the photo from here. I’ve combined two challenges to get this page done, and I have to say that I am pretty pleased with teh outcome. I used ScrapboxNZ June sketch plus the Friday night challenge at Sketchbook. The FNC was to combine patterned papers from various manufacturers – and not to worry about clashing colours. I used Making Memories, Imaginsce and Scenic Route – and I’m surprised at how well they worked together. I also had fun with a bit of handstitching, some stamping, and of course my threading water punch.


8 thoughts on “Making the most of the weekend

  1. I have just seen pictures of the Wellington weather on the news – not pretty!! I’m glad you made the most of a relatively nice Saturday to do some family things together.
    Sounds like the birthday celebrations were enjoyed by all as well! Great idea to choose some activities that don’t require a lot of work on your part, LOL 😉
    Great LO … I thought up that challenge because of some very pleasant surprises I’ve had while scrapping and putting some “clashing” colours together, it’s amazing how well they usually do work! Yours is cool and I love the patchwork effect.

  2. Awesome layout … love the way that it has come together … and you’ve got to love that new punch …

    Birthday party boy … sounds like he had a wonderful birthday party … and loved the comment that you didn’t drug them …

  3. What a great weekend in spite of the weather. So Mr 6 is going to have a week long birthday as well – gotta love those.

    Love how you have covered all those challenges with one layout – good for you.

  4. We have Daniels 8th birthday coming up, liked your ideas. We were thinking of laser tag, but now going to movies, safer with the weather! LOL!
    Loved the LO. Why do kids sleep like that?

  5. Sounds like a fab weekend!! I seen the weather for the Nth Island on tv and felt quite smug sitting down here in sunshine ;o) what a cool layout!

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