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So where are the photos?

Yeah, I know, I said I would be putting photos from the Rotorua road trip up and I haven’t. Well, they are still on the camera and I haven’t loaded them on the PC yet. It’ll happen! There are some cool ones on there. I’ve just been giving myself too much computer time for a change as I get back into routines. Routines that include study and housework and all that necessary stuff that needs to be done. Oh, and organising a little something for Mr 6 who has his birthday next Wednesday. We’re not doing a full-on party thing…. I told him when he turned 5 that the parties would be few and far between. Instead, it looks like we’ll be taking a couple of friends to laser-tag for an hour or so. Nice and easy!

But back to the photos…. my SIL very kindly sent some through via e-mail this morning and seeing as that doesn’t involve me running backwards and forwards up the stairs with the camera and everything else, I CAN share a taste of our adventures.

The Zorb. The wet one. At first I thought they were mad, but they put warm water in there in the winter – and it means that the boys could go in. Apparently it is like a cross between a water-slide and a roller coaster. And apparently, it was all that. Both boys LOVED it!! That’s Mr’s 6 and 12 in the one rolling down the grass.

Thanks for all the get-well-soon wishes…. all very gratefully received. Apart from being tired, and really, really over the coughing, you’d hardly notice I was not up to speed. With any luck the anti-bugs and the steroids will kick in and things will be back to normal soon. I hope so because there are a few fun things I want to get done before we head away to Christchurch in 10 days time. I can’t believe the trip has come around so fast…. it was last year that we decided we would all go down and spend time with the family while Hubby was at the band nationals…. and it sure doesn’t feel like a whole year has gone by! 😯

Hopefully there will be more Rotorua pics up before we head off on the southern roadtrip. The poor old camera (actually, it’s the new one I’m still getting used to!) is getting a work-out, that’s for sure!


10 thoughts on “So where are the photos?

  1. Rob has always wanted to have a go in a Zorb! I didn’t know they had wet ones. Yikes! But it sounds (and looks) as though the boys had a blast! May have to think about taking mine there when Ty is a bit older.
    Here’s hoping that cough goes away!

  2. Wow what fun. Hmmm ChCH in 10 days – just might miss you here Kelly cos we are going to Hanmer but fingers crossed.

  3. Well I’m thinking that you are going to have to download the old pics before you take any more … you don’t want them going AWOL …

    Hope that you are feeling heaps better before you head away tho, won’t be much fun going away on holiday and being sick.

  4. OMG you, you really dont do things by half do you! Take care and take those drugs, they suck I know but it does help 🙂

    Hee hee the zorb looks like to much fun and I dont mind waiting for all the other photos to appear 🙂

    have a cool weekend and stay warm – or else LOL


  5. gotta love routine and it sounds like a busy few days for you. Enjoyed reading about your weekend up above. What a great birthday treat/event that was. Sounds like a blast. Thanks for the catch up last week.

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