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Under the weather but in love again

The Southerly working it’s way up the country may have just hit. It’s been a cold wind most of the day, and now it is super dark inside at 3.45pm and grim and grey and wet outside. Really wet – it’s coming down fast and heavy and vertical. Makes me want to forget the rest of the things I need to do today and crawl into bed and go to sleep.

I’ve been plagued with a cough for about three weeks now. I had a cold and thought the cough was the tail end of that – except it went on and on and on and on and… you get the picture. After promising my pharmacist I would go to the GP if it hadn’t cleared up by this week, I got a GP’s appointment for this morning. And wouldn’t you know it, I almost felt normal again. Murphy’s law or what??! I almost cancelled the appointment thinking, yep it’s just a cold and it’s finally come right. However, I thought the 9.30 appointment may not get a chance to get filled by someone else so I might as well go.

I am so pleased I did.

While the symptoms don’t seem to be much at the moment, there are signs that something bronchial is awry. Possibly Atypical Pneumonia. I need to google that and find out what that actually means! So now I have some anti-bugs and some other dose of something else to help the lungs work. Dear oh dear. I do like to do things properly!! πŸ˜† I’m going to start rattling while I walk soon I think!

But while I was waiting for the pharmacist to fill the prescription, I was wandering around the mall and found a new shop has just opened in the mall.Β Swoon!!! This shop is full of the cutest note pads and folders and pens and stationery stuff. I had Mr 4 with me and he was playing on the floor with his gumboots while I was extolling the virtues of the next notepad I laid my eyes on. It’s like a giant stationery cupboard…. the coveting began when I used to be in paid employment and I’m sure it led me into the scrapbook habit. And now it’s come full circle. I’ve already pointed out to Mr 4 the cute bag, the neat pen and the notebooks (yes, plural!) that Daddy can buy me for presents. And of course I just HAD to leave with something….

I’ve been wanting a cute recipe file box forever and this is sooooo much nicer than the rolodex office ones people kept trying to steer me towards. So now all those recipes I have lying around will be neatly written up and filed safely away. The best thing too, is that if YOU give me a nice recipe, I can get you to write it out in YOUR handwriting and have that keepsake thing going on too. I might even decorate the cards if I so desire.

Of course, this will all be done from my sickbed…. gotta have something fun to do! πŸ˜†


19 thoughts on “Under the weather but in love again

  1. ohhhhh gimmie th card size- i just made the MEANEST Lumberjack cake! i want to share the goodness… and the calories πŸ˜€

  2. Sounds like a fab wee shop! I LOVE stationery… and now both the DD’s do too! LOL Hope you get better really soon πŸ™‚

  3. Nothing quite like finding a new treasure trove. Now Kelly you take care, doesn’t sound like something that will have you swinging from the chanderliers again quickly, might take a bit of rest…

  4. very cool find there, I do belive you just enabled!! Now do you really want visitors today?

  5. Oh I just love kikki-k. Its like Heaven… except that its probably like Hell for my bank account. You of course can never have too many notebooks! I hope you are feeling better soon!

  6. Oh dear, atypical pneumonia doesn’t sound good! I hope it’s not that, and that your cough goes away soon.

    I ADORE stationary shops, and found a delightful one up north recently. The one you found sounds amazing too, I will have to try and visit when I’m down there in August! Love the recipe file, too cute πŸ™‚

  7. Atypical pnemonia – just isn’t like other pnemonia ie atypical! I know this because Colin got it last year and was a very sick boy for over two weeks. I hope that you get better soon

  8. Hope the meds kick in and you are feeling better real soon. Loving the sound of that shop and thats a much nicer recipe box than the ones I’ve seen.

  9. What a cutie patootie box – may have to pay a visit when I come up to SENZ!!! Hope you are feeling better very soon!!

  10. Oh yes Meg – think we have to put that on our ‘to visit’ list for SENZ weekend!
    Hope you are feeling better soon!

  11. Hope that nasty cold is leaving you alone asap!
    What a cute box! Oh yeah and bingo on the gumboots, I got them too, same logic as yours;p And I love love walking abouts in them. Make me smile every time I put ’em on.

  12. Oh I so know what the cough with atypical pneumonia is like, had it over Christmas time. So I feel for you! Ihope the anti bots work.
    LOVE stationary shops!!! And that recipe box is super cute!

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