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Wooo Hooooot Wednesday

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Several things cross my mind – Janine’s Wooohoooot Wednesday gives me the chance to celebrate the small and sometimes not so small.

  • The weather today is glorious. After a cold, wet and blustery Wellington day yesterday, it’s great to be walking too and from school without coats and jackets. Wish I’d known it was going to be a good day and I might have got some washing on the line. Now that would have been a woooohoooo moment!
  • Getting to take my SIL and J back to the airport. I love driving to the airport – it just feels great. And then having a coffee and a yummy Wishbone muffin for morning tea, well, that’s just fantastic. Even better is when you are driving along in gloriously sunny, still Wellington. Yes, people it (no wind!!) happens at times and I love it!!!
  • Mr 4 beginning to eat whole apples. Not ones that come in the more expensive fruit pouches that were the mainstay of getting serves of fruit anywhere near him. Whole apples that can just be grabbed by himself out of the fridge and eaten. Whole apples that are sooooo much cheaper – and not from China!
  • Fantastic roadtrips to Rotorua, with a mix of adrenalin activities, sheep and boiling mud etc.
  • Discovering that the drive to Taupo via Wanganui is indeed a much, MUCH longer drive – but oh so pretty.
  • Getting some study done. Even a little bit.

12 thoughts on “Wooo Hooooot Wednesday

  1. Thanks for playing the whoo hoot game. Love your list and guess what? I got washing out. It was such a beautiful day after yesterday. yippe for small boys now liking real fruit ok apples lol. See you Saturday.

  2. Glad you had a good time in Rotorua – any pics to share?
    It was a nice day here too but SO COLD! I believe that there was no wind … I’ve actually been in Wgtn on a still day before (but only once, ROFL).

  3. Sounds like you have a fabulous time tripping around. LOL at the apples – wanna work on my lot.

  4. too cute on the eating of apples department … I truly did laugh … but the expense must have been horrific

    and yep, we can woo hoot the great weather we have had the last few days although I think we are in for a cool change … crikey

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