Tagged again!

These tags seem to be doing the rounds again. I see I got tagged by Widdleshamrock – who spelt my name wrong!!!!!! Geesh, some friend, hey??! 😆

Ten years ago: was June 1998. Hubby and I were finalising for first big OE: 5 weeks in the US. I have a feeling that I may have been in Sydney round this time too for work. My passport was already in being updated and on the Friday I got told I needed to be on the plane to Sydney Monday. The Department of Internal Affairs were very good at sorting that bit out for me.

Five things in todays ‘to do list’:
1. Take Mr 4 to swimming. Then Mr 6 to his lessons later.

2. Give out thank you cards FINALLY.

3. Pick up taps from MasterTrade.

4. Study. I am so behind at the moment, this is on my to do list EVERYday.

5. Drop off the late CJ to Beverley 😳

Snacks I enjoy: Kapiti herb and garlic cheese on crackers. Hummus and crakers.

Things I would do if I was a millionaire:

Pay off the mortgage, check out a holiday home site in Waikanae, get a winter tropical island holiday sorted.

Places I have lived:

Invercargill, NZ

Christchurch, NZ

Wellington, NZ

Antwerp, Belgium

Wellington, NZ

And now to tag people……I’m going for a mix of old and new scrappy friends…… go for it ladies, you know you want to 🙂

Beverley, Janine, Sandra, Danice and Kerry-Sue


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