Show and Tell

In my last post, I had time to say hi and then repack to head off to Rotorua. Man, that was a fun trip… Look out for those pics. I have a feeling it may be a little photo heavy! 😆

But, before I move on to adventure and fun, I finally got the chance to download my layouts that I did at Scrapcamp. Putting them on here, I discover that I didn’t get a photo of the page I did for my SIL – I gave that to her the other night to take home. I was quite pleased with it, and so was she, so that is all good.

This one is for my BOM. I decided to take 12 photos on the 12th a-la something from Cathy Z’s blog, which she got from someone else. It’s the weekend away in Waikanae back in April. {Vicky and Keryn: this is what I did with those strange photos I was taking!!}

This one I was intending for the NZ Dares challenge to include 5+ event photos. It is Mr 4’s 3rd birthday from last year. I didn’t realise I was a week out on the deadline – but now I have one birthday page that was waiting to get done completed and in the album. See those candles? I made them! Di at scrapcamp was polymer clay expert and showed us how to play with this ultra cool stuff.

The Halloween one was finished off thanks to some fantastic rub-ons from Helen. Plus Di is going to send me a pumpkin button once she has made it. Awesome!

Who says you can’t put flowers on a boys layout?? The journalling still needs to be added, but I had fun with this. It’s a Jack from Ann’s style from sometime last year – so it was good to finally get it sorted out! And that tooth? Yep, another embelly made for me by the lovely Di. And that lovely ribbon? Clear plastic ribbon from Maya Road that Beverley included in a little birthday gift for me. It’s so cool. Oh, actually, I think those flowers were from Beverley too.

Another set of photos that have been waiting in the wings for a while. Although not quite as long as the easter photos from the year before! 😳 I really enjoyed using autumnal colours – seeing our easter is at that time of year!

These photos are actually more recent ones, taken over the summer. It was one of our many forays out to Eastbourne – the one where Hubby’s band were playing, and the boys were racing around on their bikes. Such good fun. That little bike embelly was in a little package that Danice got from the fine bin. Some super cute buttons. Except it was bright pink and lime green. Danice had the very clever idea of changing the colour using a permanent pen…. hello red slick writer! Thanks heaps Danice!

And do you spy the threading water punch used on this layout? I knew I’d love that punch to pieces and I got to play with it a bit thanks to Sandra. I now have one of my own thanks to Meg…. yay!! *doing happy dance*

This photo was again from last year. I knew I wanted to scrap the moment and describe how I felt to watch Mr 6 growing in confidence and yet want to keep him close to me. And then I found this paper. Perfect!!!!

And this layout is the last one I did at camp. Started late on the Saturday night. Like real late. Completed on the Sunday morning just before lunch. It is a complete copy of a layout I saw in an online gallery, and I wish I had kept the details of the person as I would love to give credit. However, I’m loving my colours and how they are working on this. And those Cloud 9 Rain spots?? I think I’m in love! I was in search of the right alpha to use for the title, and then remembered the little pack that Danice gave to me as a RAK. They were more than perfect – when they were stuck down, they matched the sky colour and the bling cardstock pretty much perfectly. Total glee! I need to say Hi to Kerry Sue here too – my stamp in white ink was getting lost on teh bling and she noted it needed some popping. So out came my glaze pen – and yeah, it worked much better.

And in among the chatting, the fun, the lei-ing (you had to be there!) I got a few simple cards out of the way too. Again, silly moi, I haven’t got photos. Imagine a printed photo of all the attendees at Mr 4’s party back in March playing pass the parcel. Then imagine a small flap of cardstock with a thank-you stamp on the front and that lovely threading water punch down the opening side. And that flap of cardstock covers about a third of the photo when closed – and stands the photo up nicely when open. Yes, very simple, but at long last some thank-you cards to give out to the party goers.

Towards the end of camp I was sitting back and taking a look at the finished pages. I noticed something. Pretty much every single layout has straight lines. Perhaps I have a more linear style than I realised. Interesting….

Anyway, that brings me to the end of this show and tell. I hope you enjoyed it. And I hope I get to get onto MORE scrapping now that I am back home. You should see the photos I still have!! 😆


16 thoughts on “Show and Tell

  1. Wow you did heaps of layouts at Scrap Camp.

    Didn’t we have fun that weekend. Please bring that layout with you next time I see you. Have to do it again soon!

  2. WOW you have been very busy, what great layouts you ahve done. Isnt it nice when you have had photos sitting for some time and to finally get them onto a layout and into an album

  3. great l/o’s – and there is nothing wrong with linear scrapping…. I just happen to always scrap in straight lines – without knowing it!!!!

  4. Hi Kelly
    Camp WAS fun!! How many LO’s did u get done it total? Still love those Easter Egg punchies, but haven’t used mine yet…….

  5. great work kelly! i only survived one week on that so you think u can scrap! i didn’t realise so many people had left comments. well, i didn’t realise the gallery is an entirely different website? anyhoo – i went and left comments on the 3 that won – and i see they had a drop-off with entries last week, me included in that lot! i wonder if we can keep going? every week really is too much!!!

    anyway – yours are awesome!

  6. Can I just say :: scrapping machine?!?! WOW!! Love all your great layouts, what a huge amount you got done, GO YOU! 🙂

  7. hey well done on getting those layouts and cards done at scrap camp. Sounded like you had a great time. As for linear I am pretty much that as well……noting wrong with it at all.

  8. HAHAHA oh being laid at camp was the best…. and guess what Ive got ladies….. normally I wouldnt put my blog up, but you all HAVE to see what the expression is on Kelly’s face when she got lei’d…..

    Oh man!!!!!! I completely forgot that you even took that photo!! 😳 Can I just say in my defence, I thankfully was not the only one getting “lei’d” at camp…. thankfully everyone that completed a layout had the chance too!!!

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