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Return from Scrap Camp

I never realised how the term “Scrap Camp” might sound to those that don’t scrap. I learnt that people give you funny looks and wonder if you are part of some sort of fight club. I quickly dispelled those misgivings!

I had a fabulous time at the Pohangina scrap camp. It was great to catch up with familiar faces from the last camp I went to back in May last year. Plus there were some new faces and friends to be made. Scrap Camp is always a hive of activity as people spend their time working on some new pages. I was again amazed at by many – the talent that you get to mix and mingle with is mind blowing. I was quite pleased with the pages I got completed. After quite a stressful lead-in and organising everyone at this end, I ended up with exactly an hour and a half to pack my scrap stuff, by clothes and my bedding. Needless to say, I pretty much just threw in every thing I had to some very big containers and headed on out.

I got to drive up this time in daylight hours – a benefit of being able to arrive in the afternoon. I got there just in time for dinner – and that is one of the huge benefits of this camp: great food cooked for you. Yum!!

Last year, I spent almost all the time scrapping – glued to my chair and working. This year, I spent just as much time chatting and socialising as I did scrapping. Now, that probably comes as a surprise to some that know me!! 😛 But I also went for a walk with Kris and Lou – the surroundings are so gorgeous it would have been a shame not to get out and about for some fresh air.

While I was gone, the Mr’s got to have some fun with Hubby. Mr 6 in particular got a special treat as I bought tickets to the test match before I left. He, Cousin J and Hubby all went to the game: the first time for both Mr 6 and J. Thankfully I had gotten covered seats and everyone was bundled up so the weather wasn’t too much of an issue. I was watching it on the big screen while I was at camp and hoping they weren’t too miserable. Far from it, it seems!

Oh! and even earlier in the day, Mr 6 was awarded the “Best and Fairest Player” trophy! He was super pleased with that! When I called home just after lunch, the boys had just arrived home – Hubby was told to make sure the photos were taken!!

And today, I am unpacking, washing, tidying and re-packing. Me and the Mr’s are going on a roadtrip to Rotorua with the visiting Aunty and Cousin. Should be fun! J wants to do all sorts of adventure stuff, so I am hoping that the weather is OK enough to let us get out and enjoy some of the activities on offer.

In the meantime, here are a couple of camp shots. Hope everyone is warm and dry! 🙂


13 thoughts on “Return from Scrap Camp

  1. It was absolutely fantastic to meet so many new ppl, and im really grateful for the opportunity too! and by the way Kellie – Love your work!!!

  2. Glad you had such a great time at camp!
    I was going to say (when I read that you had bought tickets to the test) that they would have been drowned rats!! But clever thinking, getting covered seats 😉

    So when are you going to share the LOs you did at camp … ?

  3. Sounds like a fab camp. My Alexander got player of the day on Sat too … and I was also not there to see/take photos. Looking forward to seeing those camp layouts.

  4. hey sounds like a great weekend and even better that you got to get out and explore and made some new scrapy friends. Well done Mr6 on that award. Kelly enjoy the road trip. Phew on covered seats at the stadium.

  5. Sounds like a great weekend! And the boys had a great weekend too, awesome. Now I have to ask, the tall lady in pink looks very familiar, is she a palmy person?
    Well done Mr 6! \Have a great time with the visitors and sight seeing.

  6. Am hearing a lot about all the fun at scrap camps and can’t wait for my first one in October. Would love to see what you have done!

    Yay for the player of the day award – there was few found on the blogs after the weekend.

  7. Yay for sitting around and chatting that is the best bit of camp if you ask me and it is super important to check out everyones albums too 🙂 so cool you had a awesome time 🙂 and well done Mr for getting best and fairest player that is soooooo super cool 🙂

    Cant wait to see some of those layouts 🙂

  8. Look forward to show and tell … well let’s see your creativity.

    And scrap camp is all about having a little R&R, meeting new friends, meeting up with old friends and of course a little creativity is always a bonus!!!

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