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Some snippets from life

It’s been a while hasn’t it?! I feel like I’ve been neglecting my little blog while I get on with things in real life. Yet when I think about what it is that is being got on with, it’s just the usual everyday bits and bobs. There just seems to be more of that than usual. Or something. Something works for me! 😆 So rather than trying to come up with a seriously intelligent and enlightening post, I’m going to go with snippets from my head. And that could be really scary or possibly slightly entertaining. Or something! LOL

I had a wee shopping spree last week. I first saw the slippers over Mothers Day and couldn’t get them because they didn’t have them in my size and the colour that I wanted so that was that. Then last week I spotted them again and they had my size in the red. They had to come home with me. And I’m loving the bag you get to take them home in. They keep my toes warm and toasty and that is a great thing – cos they are THE most expensive pair of slippers I’ve ever owned. 😳

And the boots. Well, you know I needed to have some for the muddy rugby spectator sports. And I was dreading just going with the purely practical and functional. Mainly because I have never had any reason whatsoever to don a pair of those. And if there are pretty gumboots out there, I’d much rather have them than a pair of black ones. Frivolous I know. But you just have to have some fun in life sometimes.


Queens Birthday Scrapping. I didn’t do any. None. I thought about it. I have some mental pictures of how I want a couple of pages to look. I even set foot into one of the local stores down here and enjoyed the soup that was on offer. But I didn’t even take a scrap of paper with me. Really!!! Saturday was a busy day with birthday parties, family events and rugby to spread ourselves in between. So I found myself with an hour in which to pop in and catch up with Beverley and Janine and Mandy (who really needs to have her own blog!). I was surprised to see they were the only ones there – David’s soup was actually very tasty!! They were being all creative and it was good to see how they were putting some of the challenges together for various things. I spent a bit of time trying to persuade Beverley that she should run a class so we could learn to be her. I was thinking in terms of style but you know, she’s so cool that it could be fun to be her as well! 😆


There was a family event on the Saturday night that I wasn’t looking forward to attending. I went. And I survived…. even having a chuckle at one particular thing that happened. Thank goodness for the rugby – it was a welcome distraction. Particularly as it meant I was in a separate room from those that I was dreading encountering. Oh, and despite the hassel from the BILs that the Crusaders were not going to win (ohhhh a wee bit of ribbing about their ‘canes team not being up to the task might have occured first….. 😉 ) even they were pleased with the result. The other result I was quite pleased with was persuading the birthday boy that he should share the yummy Irish chocolates that we had bought for him. 😉


I’m off to scrapcamp on Thursday. Three nights away with a bunch of mad scrappers in Pohangina. Lots to organise so I can actually make the most of it. Isn’t it funny how you can have a bunch of photos and yet still nothing to scrap?? 😆 I know I have some in mind that I am wanting to get done, so I need to make sure that they are in amongst the stack of pics I’m taking. Woooohooooo! Oh, and some baking to be done.


My SIL and nephew are here from the States visiting her mother. Bonus is that we enjoy each other’s company and at her suggestion, myself and the boys are off with them next week for a road trip. Wooohoooo! We’ll be meandering our way up to Taupo and Rotorua and doing all sorts of touristy things. Just hope it warms up a tad….. it’s 9 degrees here today and that is way to cold to not be hibernating!


Now, to try and catch up on some other blogs and the forum posts….. 😯


14 thoughts on “Some snippets from life

  1. Ooh, loving the new red slippers and boots. I am with you on not having ‘practical’ balck gumboots! I got a pair of Zebra stripe last year, they were actually cheap and I need new ones this year.
    Have a great time at scrap camp, I couldn’t make the time this year, maybe next?
    And what fun doing some touristy things. I wouldn’t hold my breat for warm weather, plus you are going near the mountain, its got to be cold there!

    Yeah, I’m not quite sure how I’m going to go with the cold thing. I have a feeling that a couple of pairs of gloves will need to be purchased…. 😆

  2. Woooooooooooooo Kelly’s coming to caaaaaaaaammmmmmmmpppp, Kelly’s coming to caaaaaaaaaaammmmmmmmmmmmmppppppppp me toooooooo. Will see you on Thursday

    You betcha! man I am sooooo looking forward to it!! Hope you have some pages for me to lift again Sandra! Heeeheeeeheee. Look out Pohangina I say!!!!!!!

  3. I do love those slippers & boots! Red is such a great colour.
    I need some gumboots to wear to soccer so you’ve inspired me to go shopping tomorrow 😉
    Sounds like a busy weekend and another busy one coming up – but yay for getting 3 days away and for scrapping too, what could be better?!

    I am soooo into red at the moment! It’s my new blue!!! 😆 You will find these gummies, plus other cool designs with marchmellows, or chocs, or roses at your local Red shed.

  4. I LOVE LOVE LOVE your gumboots!!

    The slippers look pretty comfy too.

    Still need a couple of pairs of socks to keep the toes warm – but at least I’m not cleaning mud off the skechers!! 😆

  5. Love your shopping Kelly – those slippers look so comfy. Wrap up warm for Rotorua, it’s darn cold there in the mornings. If you want a good dinner out for the tourists then I would have to recommend the late sitting at the Tamaki Brothers…yep it’s touristy but very cool right from when you get on the bus…Have fun at scrapcamp!

  6. LOL at wanting to be me! But maybe I’ll do you a class – you never know it may happen one day.

    Love the gummies and the slippers look cool too – you’ll be the coolest mummy at the rugby field.

    Enjoy camp and keep warm. ;o)

  7. I know i should start a blog… maybe when the draft copy of our final report goes into the Ministry of Education… in July… maybe then I will have some time!!!! Funny though how I have time to read blogs!!!!!

    Love the shopping,,,, got myself some thermal socks after freezing my &*^% off on OUTSIDE duty last week with all the children… bbbrrrrrr

    enjoy scrap camp and good to see you on Saturday


  8. OMG – just love the red boots and slippers. Am going to show hubby those!!!

    Sounds like a busy few days ahead of you with scrap camp and then tiki touring around. Have a great time at both.


  9. enjoy scrap camp Kelly……love the red gummies and slippers, and I am so a Kums convert after buying my chilli shoes and platanum sandles there…..Good to see you on Saturday I must admit it was so relaxing and afer you left I told Beverley some other things she could teach us….

  10. Yay you have the best ever time at scrapcamp LOL about having tonnes of photos and nothing to scrap – a girl after my own heart 🙂

    I adore those gummies and I bet he slippers are super comfy sigh one of mine has mysteriously disappeared, I think it may be with my missing hairbrush in a secret moo stash somewhere LOL hmmmm maybe a good excuse to buy new slippers 🙂

    Have a cool time and I am so glad the ‘family’ thing went well xox

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