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The weekend that was.

I’m always amazed at how fast the weekend zips by and we find ourselves back at Monday again. This weekend was no different. Despite me having plans to get all sorts of projects out of the way, not much actually got done. Nevermind! I haven’t downloaded pics off my camera yet, so I htink I’m just going to add them in later.

Mr 6 had the school cross-country Friday afternoon. We’ve had lovely weather all week and it was due to pack up on Thursday so there was a thought the racing may have been cancelled. But no, it managed to get underway. Mr 6 is not what you would call an endurance racer, but he was very pleased to come in 10th in his age group. Mr 4 was also up watching his big brother. Normally he is at preschool all day on the Friday, but he had something weird going on with one of his eyes so I decided to keep him home in case it was infectious. It wasn’t and he enjoyed just hanging out with mum.

Saturday saw us all trooping off to Wainui for the rugby game. We lost this time. And we were standing in oozy, squelchy mud. Mmmm mmm. I so have to get some gumboots! (Unfortuantely, the very cool looking ones with chocolates or roses on them don’t allow you to tuck your jeans inside so I guess I’m going functional rather than styley… sigh!) Mr 6 scored a try so he was very happy. Hubby reckons he also “Lomu-ed” an opposition member – Mr 6 thinks he just tripped up. Luckily also that the rain was more just light drizzle until the end of the game and didn’t set in properly until we were back at the car. Home for a family clean up and lunch!

Don’t you just love it when you get put on the spot sometimes?? I had one of those moments at the end of the game, when the coach asked the parents for “Player of the Day” and “Fairest Player”. Amid the general “uummmmms”, mine being the only name he could remember I get asked directly. Oh Man!!! So I pick out 2 kids, and name them. I think we’ll be working off the team list to ensure everyone gets a turn with the trophy! Mr 6 wanted to know why I didn’t pick him… uh-oh! 😆

Then that afternoon, instead of preparing to head out for a night of fun at a friend’s church fundraiser, my gallstones decided to have a party. Meaning I was back in ED for a few hours. This time, the attack didn’t seem quite so bad as last time and apart from being tired and wiped out, all is good. I’m hoping too that the visit added to the points I need to get into surgery faster.

A slight added bonus is that I was able to watch some of the Crusaders-Hurricanes game. Hubby could tell I was a bit out if it as I wasn’t nearly so enthusiastic a supporter as I usually am. And I didn’t rub it in about his team not winning. (Well, they were never going to anyway! 😉 ) I almost fell asleep before the end of the game. Pethadine must be some kind of magic! 😆 But the boys did go on to win and now I look forward to the final being played in Christchurch this weekend. Wooohoooo!

Sunday I spent resting for the large part of the day. And then before you know it, it’s Monday again. And we’re running late – where are the jackets? bags? who used all the bread?

Gee, and I wonder why my life seems so hectic at times! 😆

And now, on checking my bloglines this morning, I discover that I won the Friday Freebie over at Paper Pesto. How cool!


12 thoughts on “The weekend that was.

  1. We used to keep a track of who had the trophy’s and rotate them around the whole team.

    don’t scare us like that again you hear me? 😛

  2. Talk about highs and lows of a weekend – you seem to have had it all. Hope you feeling better today and GO THE CRUSADERS!

  3. hey hope this means you are closer in line to having surgery, good to read it wasn’t as bad as last time. Oh dear at mummy not picking her own son for player of the day….;-). Congrats on winning a little something from paper persto how exciting. Will you be coming to the crop this Thursday?

  4. Congrats on the Paper Pesto win. Oh no about the gallstone party – isn’t pethadine awesome! I so know what you mean about Monday coming round again. Jackets, bags, bread are issues in our house too. After Saturday I think I’ll start wearing gumboots to sport games too!

  5. Sorry to hear about your gallstones playing up again – I do hope you’ll get it all sorted sooner rather than later!
    I know what you mean about having to pick player of the day … it’s like that at soccer and I don’t like having to choose, or leave out my own child … he scored 3 goals on Saturday and Rob wanted to pick him, but couldn’t! Oh well.
    Yay for winning over at PP … enjoy your goodies!

  6. Weekends do fly by huh? I was just hoping the rain would hold off enough to mow the lawns….they are growing so fast these days!

  7. I feel for you on the gallstone attack – ouch!!! Brings back some bad memories … that would be another ouch. Hopefully the surgery will come sooner rather than later.

    Laughed at you in the rain … I can so relate to that as well.

  8. YAy for winning the Friday Freebie that is some good news to cheer you up are a yuck trip to ED 🙂 I so have fingers crossed that you are scoring OP points LOL well done for MR 6 coming 10th that is awesome !!!!! Sounds like a full on weekend. hmmmm I hope you have a more relaxing week xox

  9. Kelly – sorry you’re not well and hope you get that surgery sooner rather than later. Yay for your prize!

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