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There’s a new place to hang!

After the sad news that Scrapbook Essentials was to be no more at the end of the month, the fantastic Megan took on board all those expressions of wanting to have somewhere we could still go and call “home”. She has been working hard behind the scenes and while we were told we would have to wait til 1 June for the unveiling, she has really worked wonders and it is here now. Where is Here? It’s here: SketchbookNZ. There’s a forum for chatting, a blog, a gallery and all the usual amzing challenges etc. Hannah and Beverley are founding contributors – which is just fab because their work is just amazing.

The other cool thing is that you’ll find the rest of the SE girls making their way there bit by bit… making it a warm and cosy place to hang. What are you waiting for? Run there NOW and register! 😀


5 thoughts on “There’s a new place to hang!

  1. Isn’t Megan amazing for getting all that together SO FAST?
    I’m excited to see all the girls who have joined up, I think it’s going to be awesome 🙂

  2. Hannah: I know – I was amazed at how quickly Megan got that all sorted out. And the place is just buzzing today!! It’s great! I can see now that I will not get any work done ever again!! 😆

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