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Wooo Hoooo Wednesday


WoooHoooot Wednesday is Janine’s brainchild… celebrate the good things in your week and make sure to let Janine know so we can all come take a look.

My WoooHooo things are small things in an ongoing list of Big Picture things. And for all you scrapbookers out there, no, I’m not referring to anything to do with Stacy Julian. 😆

  • I had my last session with my counsellor / therapist last week. With the follow up with my GP this week. One of the things that I wanted to do after my mini-break down earlier in the year was to try and identify why I had started going down that path. How did I end up where I did. I’ve never seen a therapist before and was a little nervous. In reality, it was not a big deal at all. And I learned a lot of things about myself. Things I actually already knew, but needed to have them pointed out, or reflected back at me. It’s helped put me back on the path of being me again. I’m feeling really good about things for the moment. And that just has to be a Wooo Hooo, right??! 😀
  • I haven’t been creating very much in terms of cards and scrapping right now. Mainly because I have been trying to catch up on the study. Discipline, see? I have however been knitting a bit. Still creative… just a whole lot slower! There have been 3 babies born and so I have tried making some booties. Never have been a good bootie-knitter. But I persevered and after trying a pattern that looked like it should turn out great – and have it really look like a complete mess, I went and got some advice. Show me some modern, kinda lacey but really easy booties, said I. And the assistant pointed out the exact pattern book for me. And I knitted 2 pairs already. And they were good booties. And I gave them to the new mummies. And they adored them. But I forgot to take pictures before handing them over. Doh!!! But I will show you the jacket I am making for another good friend. Watch out for that.
  • I finally finished the latchhook rug that I had been making for Mr 4. I bought two; one each for the Mr’s. They were started and were meant to be completed in time for Christmas 06.

    It never happened. Mr 6 got his somewhere in and around… probably after… his birthday last year. Mr 4 got his on Monday this week. Mr 4 is thrilled with his one, which is a bear lying on a golden moon. I now only have eleventy billion and three unfinished pre-scrapbooking projects to complete.


14 thoughts on “Wooo Hoooo Wednesday

  1. Whoo Hoo Kelly thats some good things to whoo hot over. Would love to see a photo of those booties and well done on getting that lathchook rug finished.Wow at that last session last week with the counsellor that is great news. Like you said it’s good to reflect back and I am pleased to hear that it helped to put you back onto the path of being you. I am an advocate of counselling its brillant to go somewhere and you can rant and dump and cry on them and they get paid to listen. But at the same time to help you process things. Whoo hoot you go Kelly.

  2. Love your Woo Hoo’s Kelly and so glad that you have found the therpist helped out!

    Love, love the latch hook Kelly! A camper at the summer camp i worked at in 2001 taught me how to do a latch hook pillow and i still haven’t finished! She was 9 and had done about 3 herself when she taught me!

  3. Definitely a whoo whoo moment with the therapist – glad to know that it is all going well with you right now -and hey right now is all we have 🙂
    Love your rug – so sweet. And like the sound of the booties – now you need to make more so you can take a pic lol

  4. Yay for going to the therapist, you are so brave and inspiring and I am proud of you

    I have just looked at the pattern and it is really lovely but not as simple as you image, I would love to see the bootees you are working on and forgive I laughed about your pre scrapping projects, I am trying to be good this week and have just finished a hand bag album for my friend I started about 9 months ago – oops and I am going to try and finish a knitted jumper for my friends son, gosh 🙂

    And the latch hook kit is adorable, hmmm I think you might get the fox craft catalogue LOL

  5. Great list, Kelly! I think you are awesome for going to the therapist. I went to one after I had PND the second time and like you I was nervous but it was not scary and actually rather helpful! 🙂

    LOVE the rug!!! Wow, you are so multi-talented!

  6. You are so strong to take your self to a therapist! ANd I am glad it has helped you. I often think I should go because of my childhood and Dad passing…..but I am not as strong as you have been!
    Love the rug, so cute.

  7. Hmmmm, pre scrapbooking ufo’s … I have a few of them! Like teddy-bear kits, a cross-stitch or two, paper tole … good on you for finishing the rug. And whoo hoo for finishing up your therapy sessions – yay for feeling good. :o)

  8. Yay for your Whoo Hoo’s for this week. It seems like a lot of finishing has gone and good for you. Love the rug. I’m sure we are all guilty of lot of UFO’s hanging around.

  9. Only eleventy billion and three unfinished projects, no worries you’ll have them done before you know it LOL! Actually in the scheme of things, you got them to have fun with, nobody is going to come after you if they still sit in your cupboard when your a hundred and one. Glad life is going well for you Kelly.

  10. Love your rug – woo hoo … I’m sure the young man will like it sitting in his bedroom as well … yep, it sure does make you feel good when you finish something [even when it does take a little longer that you thought it was going to]. We are all guilty of that … I’m sure of it … I know I am!!! Forever starting things and not getting around to finishing them. One day!!!!

  11. OMG that rug is so gorgeous – I want!!!!!!! Mr 4 can I huh huh??
    You go!! on seeing a therapist, I have clinical depression and have black days that can crush me, and have periods where I require medication to get me back on track. I have over the years gotten so much from therapists and support groups. I applaud you for being open about it and sharing because it makes it so much easier for others to understand and even recognize signs within themselves.

  12. Your rug looks great! I have a jumper for a six month old that is unfinished. The child that I started it for started school last year!

  13. woo hoo kelly! i think ‘therapy’ is such a loaded word. it’s professional sharing really? and helpful too which is the main thing. well done you.

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