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Future All Black’s first game

Saturday dawned bright and sunny. no chance of cancellations today. Which was a good thing because having had 2 cancellations in a season that started 2 weeks ago, it was getting hard to explain why we still needed to go to training but not play a game. Mr 6’s team was playing an Upper Hutt team out at Trentham Park. Definitely a picturesque setting – very autumnal.

We all enjoyed watching the game – even Mr4 didn’t mind standing on the sidelines cheering his big borhter on.

At this age level it is rippa rugby that is played. Each player wears a band with velcro tags on either side that get ripped off, equalling a tackle. Five rips and the ball gets turned over to the other team. Unless of course the ball is turned over by the opposite team getting their hands on the ball first.

For most of us parents, it was the first season so we have lots to learn. Including the appropriate behaviour for supporters. We all got issued with a pamphlet with specific instructions on how to be a good supporter. Most of us laughed because it is the sort of advice that should be just common sense. But we have all heard of the parent or parents that just get plain nasty and take their “support” to levels that just are not right.

Petone seemed to play very well – we scored some good tries: there are a few boys in the team that seem to know what they are doing. Our team also appeared to have good technique in ripping. There was a sense that both teams were even (no official score is kept at this level) but we did score a few more tries so the boys definitely felt good.

Mr 6 ran out of puff three quarters of the way through – and you could tell because he would be trailing behind his team at that point. He didn’t score any tries himself but got some really good rips. So he was feeling very good about that.

After the game we all got a sausage from a fundraising BBQ, and wandered off to find coffee for me and hubby, and fluffies for the Mr’s. Lesson learned for me: bring thermos full of hot beverage!! 😆 When we asked what Mr 6 enjoyed most about his game, he replied “It was all good. I liked being able to rip really well. It doesn’t matter that I didn’t score the try because it was fun.” And a little bit later: “I think I will be playing this game when I’m an adult because it’s a good game. Tana played for my club so I will be an All Black too.”

Life is good when you have big dreams. 🙂


12 thoughts on “Future All Black’s first game

  1. Looks like you finally had some great weather for rugby!
    Tell your Mr to keep dreaming, aim high and keep believing in himself! He may very well be the next Tana Umaga!
    Team sports are such a great thing for kids, I am impressed with Ethan’s attitude and confidence after only a few weeks of soccer.

    I’ve been pleasantly surprised at the enthusiasm for both training and playing. Often there is more hassle and frustration at not being able to do something *right* and things have gone haywire because of it.

  2. awww so cute!

    May he long enjoy his sport and not have the misfortune of coming across too many of those ‘over the top’ supporters.
    yep, can well do without the OTT *supporters*

  3. Ahh ya gotta have a dream 🙂
    Funny about the supporters rules sheet – but I have seen some of those other supporters when we were involved with kid soccer – not pretty lol

  4. hey lurker kelly! love those pics. wasn’t it great to finally start the winter sport season? we had netball – 3 games over 4 hours, but at least we didn’t have to travel to the edge of the city limits!!! newlands college is a great venue.
    I think we travel within our zone…. will find out soon enough!!

  5. You tell your wee man … dream big … believe in yourself and aim for the top … good luck.

    And Mum, great to hear that Mother Nature was behaving herself.

  6. How cute do they look! And yeah, at Too’s first soccer game I learned the lesson to bring coffee and lots of it!

    and probably something to sit on as well!! and warm socks. Need.warm.socks!!

  7. Nothing like aiming for the top is there? He has a very cool attitude for someone so young.

    Definitely take the coffee – its cold out there.

  8. “Watcha wanna be, wanna be a Wallaby”

    *giggles* Had to do it 🙂

    Go hard, Master 6.

    see, that’s why we tend to beat you more often than not…. don’t *think* we have such ummmm… delightful tunes 😛

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