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Woooo Hooooo Wednesday!

I know. I can’t believe that week just flew by either! Woohoooo Wednesday is the Angel’s creation (I think she needs to get a button so we can make our posts look cool and stuff).

The biggest Wooohooo for the week is that Term 2 has started. The holidays were actually not too bad – always good just to chill. But I am discovering that routine is good for the soul and that can only mean good things.

Another Woohooo is the fact that Mr 6 walked home on his own from school this afternoon. He’s been wanting to walk for some time and because I have to sign Mr4 into kindy which means I need to go to virtually the same place anyway, so I take both Mr’s in the morning. However, walking home seemed a good option – and it has the added benefit of not needing to take the car out for a short jaunt: I’m doing my bit for the environment 😉 😆 This afternoon’s exercise was reletively successful. I say relatively because he did walk home. To a neighbour’s place! We had briefly discussed whether he could walk home and play with S and I had agreed it was possible, but they would need to check with K first because the new baby is just 8 weeks old and K may well have been too tired to have an extra body in the house. At 3.20 my radar was starting to get a bit wary. Mr 6 should have been home by now. I went and stood at the bend in our street to see if I could see him making his way. While standing out there the neighbour dad spotted me and thought “uh-oh” – and came out to see if it was Mr 6 I was worried about. Yes!!! So it all worked out and Mr 6 is keen to walk home again. Hopefully it won’t be raining tomorrow so we can do it all again.

Oh and I have a 3rd Wooohooo too. {wow…that rhymes!} It’s my birthday next week. Next Wednesday in fact. What is being planned I wonder?? Actually, I know. Nothing. Unless I get on to it! I’m off to sort out a baby sitter now.



9 thoughts on “Woooo Hooooo Wednesday!

  1. LOL about your birthday plans, sounds like mine all over again! I also have to all but buy my own pressies as well! But suppose I get exactly what I want them! LOL!

  2. Wow, the first time walking home from school – that must have been nerve wracking! I am sooo not ready for that yet. But give it a year or so, and I might feel okay about it, LOL. 😉

    I hope you get your babysitter organised and make some FUN birthday plans!

  3. will see what I can do about a whoo hoot button my lady!! Wow thats a big whoo hoot moment for you and Mr 6, am glad it went well. Oh birthday plans, how exciting the day is yours to decide really!! what about a high tea lol….

  4. High tea sounds good – I’m in! I’ll even bring ya a pressie ….
    Seriously – have fun planning and make the most of it, after all there won’t be another one till next year. Whooo hoo for walking home from school. My kids will be doing that once little miss starts at mornings. :o)

  5. You are so lucky you are close enough to school to do your bit for the environment! Well done Mr 6!
    Another May baby huh? Mine is a couple of weeks after 😉

  6. Yep you need to get that babysitter sorted so you can party up on your b’day!!!
    GMr6 did great with his walk home from school, love that independence ok if I decide where to go of course I swing by a friends.. ;p

  7. What a big step to walk home by himself. I would have been in the street looking out for him as well.

    Looking forward to hearing about the birthday plans.

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