I can so laugh at myself!

And there are days when I need to do that often! But this one is a classic – one up there to join the ranks of those taking part in “Screw-Up Tuesday” started up by the lovely Bettina.

The other morning, I got a call from my girlfriend up the road. She was on her cell phone and letting me know I might not see her around the boards much as her power was out. We chatted for quite a while – as you do. Finally, we both needed to get on with the day. Concerned that she had chatted to me for quite a while and may have drained the battery, I offered the fantastic advice of “don’t forget to put your phone on charge.”

Silence for a split second.

“Umm… Kelly… my power is out!”

Oh yeah…. I am that clever!!



10 thoughts on “I can so laugh at myself!

  1. 😆 so pleased to make everyone else’s day by sharing that wee gem with you! You better be laughing with me and not at me!!! 😆

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