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WoooHoooot # 2

Yep, really! I wasn’t expecting to be back here so soon but there you go! But seeing Wooo Hooo Wednesday is something Janine started and this next one is also because Janine started something, I thought it was only fair to declare on line and in public that Janine is an Enabler”.

You guys clear about this? It is Janine’s fault!!! πŸ˜†

Just kidding. Actually, no I’m not. See at the crop the other weekend, Janine brought along not one, but two really cool books. Really cool. Even my buddy Donna who is really really good at being that voice in the bottom of my wallet said – and I quote: “You should get that”. Meaning it was really good and I should get it so that she didn’t have to. Oh, she’s a clever girl that Donna! πŸ˜›

So I went on Amazon and took a look. And guess what? They were discounted. Yep, I got the two plus postage for the same price roughly that I would have paid for ONE of the books had I known where to find them here. What on earth am I on about??

These puppies:

Plus they arrived just an hour ago – like 3 weeks before I was expecting them! So basically, it’s a big Wooooo Hooooooo in this house just now. Oh, and Mr 6 has already glanced through the kid’s one with me and has about half a dozen projects he’s wanting to do. So, success.

Thanks Janine – you enabler you! πŸ˜†



11 thoughts on “WoooHoooot # 2

  1. “bows” amongst the appluase. Thank You my work is now done!!
    Thank You. Thank You. Hmmmmm ya smart tart!! So maybe I need to change my blog title again, oh what about a terminator banner with the words “The Angelic Enabler”. lol Man I so crack myself up!!! Glad you got the books and like them I see them as an investment!! Anyway I think Donna has to shoulder some responsibility here!! Now about the owl page that Mr 6 needs to do from yesterdays visit!! lol I know a great place where you can buy some stamps lol.”backs away slowly” lol πŸ˜›

  2. LOL I agree that Janine is trubble;p but a heck lot of a fun trubble eh!
    Nothing like a great bargain and an unexpectingly arriving parcel to make one go woohoo!

  3. Just been catching up on all your posts. What a busy holidays you have had and lots of special time with the boys – love the necklaces. Waiting rooms suck at the best of times let alone waiting to check out broken bones and then rewaiting.

    As for the page maps book its on my list to do. Go Janine.

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