Wooohoooo Wednesday

Wooo Hoooo Wednesday comes from the ever Angelic Angelgurl. Not that I have a huge list – just a few simple things. But simple is good. Especially over the holidays. When mostly the Mr’s and I are making it through relevtively unscathed.

Yesterday the Mr’s had a bonus day out. Our Widdle friend called and said she had a couple of spare seats going in the van for a planned daytrip to Owlcatraz. Excellent says I – hurriedly packing a bag of fruit and raingear.

Apparently she was not driven insane with a total of 6 kids in the car (I am not one of those that would say she already was to even think of such a thing…. not really!). Apparently they saw Moreporks – we hear them in the bush on clear nights but have never seen them. And Mr 6 won a prize for answering a question – correctly I assume!

And then they came home. Dinner was “interesting”. Bedtime “challenging”. Never let it be said my boys like to take it easy after a fun day out. Hyped to the max is pretty much an understatement. Anywaay, at 8.30pm they are finally asleep and order appears to have returned. That my friends, is a “Woooohooooo” moment if there ever was one! 😆


7 thoughts on “Wooohoooo Wednesday

  1. Simple is always good in my book. Even better that the boys wne on an outing. I have seen that place but must admit have never been there.Love the bit about order being restored.

  2. A day to yourself, unplanned … does it get any better?! And knowing your kids had a blast makes it even better!
    Owlcatraz sounds like a wonderful place and I think my boys would enjoy it … will have to remember next time we are down your way!

  3. Oh wow an unplanned day to yourself, ah bliss!
    Great that the boys had a wonderful day. Your boys sound like mine after a full on day, hyped to the max! But sleep and normality, fantastic!

  4. Oh how I wish somebody would ring me up and offer to take my kids away for a day! Sounds like they had a great day. And yes, all kids asleep at night is a big whoo hoo moment for me too!

  5. “(I am not one of those that would say she already was to even think of such a thing…. not really!).”

    You mightn’t be but I sure am!!………. but that’s what we love about her 😉 LOL

  6. Loved taking the boys.

    And Hmmm, me and insanity….. no connection whatsoever. lol

    Loved the day. Just need to get the pics. Maybe we can scrap them together. YES, I am getting in the mood to scrap.

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