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Holiday times

Gosh this post has taken a while to write itself! 😯

I’ve only sat down about 4 times the last couple of days and been called away in order to take care of something else. So finally, while we have some little friends here, I might be able to string together a sentance or two! 😆

The first week of the hols has whizzed by really fast. The only thing that was really done was Mr 6 went off to the movies with the Celtic kids from Shamrock way. They saw Spiderwick and although I am still gleaning details about the movie, Mr 6 loved it. I had the delightful Wee Green One here to play with Mr 4 plus the added advantage of the Teen Shamrock to help her feel at home – WGO having never been here on her own before. Man, was I an idiot?! I should have cleared out and left the three of them to it!! Instead, I got a bit of housework done, a bit of study done and generally just pottered.

The weekend saw the Mr’s invited to neighbour-across-the-way’s birthday party. It was at one of the local public pools – such an easy way to have a party. Guess what I’m thinking of doing come July??! Themes are coming at me thick and fast – in this household it seems you start thinking about your next birthday within 24 hours of the current one finishing. Nothing like a dragged out discussion now is there?? Star Wars seems to be the theme of choice at the moment. Star Wars Lego in particular. We picked up a small container of said lego and I had a fright at the price tag. Man! Luckily there was a good discount on it and we were able to pick it up for an amount within our price limit for these kinds of gifts. But apparently there is lego and then there is Premium Lego.

This morning we got a phone call inviting Mr 4 to come play for the day at his buddy’s place. Seeing as I have a couple of bods here for the afternoon, we agreed Mr 4 could go for a few hours, giving me and Mr 6 the chance to do something on our own. The sorts of activities that you think will be fantastic bonding time and you will be looked upon with love and respect forever and ever til the end of time. I’ve done these often enough that I’ll be lucky to achieve that for the 30 minutes immediately following the said activity before the whine and whinge starts back up. Still, I live in hope in finding the nirvana…

So this morning Mr 6 and I set off for the local bead shop. We spotted a necklace example suitable for a boy and started going to choose our selection, and this is what we ended up with. He wanted to make his name after spying those letter beads and of course the latest obessession: rugby. He wanted me to thread the beads – I did some, but he did the rest. Pretty cool I think!

And this is my one – of course I had to sit down and do something while he was working on his!! The photo is crap – it’s taken right by the window but it is grey and grim and raining here so, crap photo! It’s little red tiffany glass beads, with little metal hearts between each group of beads and a hanging heart pendant. It got the thumbs up from Mr 6 too – but his is “way cooler, Mum!”


8 thoughts on “Holiday times

  1. His necklace is very cool!! Ethan still loves wearing his but unfortunately they aren’t allowed jewellery at school so it only gets worn at the weekends.
    Your necklace is gorgeous, Kelly! I was too busy helping Ethan to make one for me but I intend to go back with some girlfriends and make something. I just love the heart pendant you chose.

  2. hey what a productive day you had with Mr 6. Love the necklaces you both made and he is going to love that memory kelly. eeeks at Lego prices, been there recently. Hey your little Mr’s are quite the social butterflies, just a shame its spose to be wet all week.

  3. Yep, know all about Lego prices over the years and what’s cool and what’s not when it comes to birthday presents. Trust me on this one, it gets worse the older they get.

    Love both necklaces, you both did well.

  4. Yep I too get a fright everytime I look at the price of lego and Thomas stuff – man! But lego was expensive even when we were little so I suppose nothing changes 🙂

    What a busy week, I wouldn’t know if I was coming or going with all that going on PHEW I need a lie down jsut reading it!

    Both of your necklaces are amazing, I love Mr 6’s and yours looks beautiful, I love the little hearts just lovely!!!

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