It’s one of those days

Yep, those special days when you begin to suspect you might be on the short list of finalists for Worst Parent Ever award.

So what happened? Well, I stood on Mr 4’s toe. Now that doesn’t seem to be that bad does it? Well by the late afternoon watching him walking like a lame duck it sure began to feel like it.

It all started when I was walking up the hallway towards the dining room and Mr 4 came charging around the corner from said dining room. Our feet ended up in the same spot at the same instant. He cried – as you would expect having 10-tonne heffalump mum’s foot come down on his little teeny weeny toe. One toe was kind of looking upwards – not like the others at all. I sort of pushed at it and asked him to wiggle it in order to check it was all OK. And it appeared so.

Come 5pm and seeing him do the lame duck impersonation, I had second thoughts. Took his sock off and lo: a big swollen purple toe. Oooops! After a bit of cuddling and such I made the decision to go to the ED. Yeah, even though I knew it would be aaaages thanks to the strike. Mr 6 stayed behind at the neighbours and off Mr 4 and I went.

By this stage he wasn’t wanting to walk. Not crying though. Triage nurse saw us quite quickly and assessed that I had probably broken it so we would need to wait for x-rays. 1 and 3/4 hours later, a doctor saw us for 45 seconds to give us the x-ray form. By this stage we were past bed-time and had had the “mum, I’m hungry” whimpers. I’d been told not to give any food or drink “in case”. Jeepers! Thankfully Mr 4 is by and large of a placid nature. He finally gave up and fell asleep in my arms. Just as we were told to to to x-ray. Another 45 minute wait – and then I was told to wake him up for the x-ray to take place. Sigh. That was over and done with in 10 minutes so back we go to the ED waiting room – with the x-rays in hand. The doctor who saw us for 45 seconds and hoped we would be seen quickly on our return has gone home. We wait for another hour or so. Until I finally go and see how much longer we might be waiting. “Oh, have they not seen you yet?” Ummm, yeah – that’s why we’re still waiting……Jeepers!! “No” I say. 10 minutes later the film has been reviewed by a doctor and the nurse comes back out. Looks like it wasn’t a break – more likely I’d dislocated it and managed to pop it back in place.

There’s a bit of relief that a moment of shared space has not resulted in broken bones. But we are both tired. Who knew that waiting could be so tiring?!

And this morning? Apparently the foot has fallen off, rendering Mr 4 incapable of walking ever again. I’ll give him til lunch time before my arms fall off from carrying him to his desired destination. I do however hear him now arguing with his big brother over Star Wars Lego playstation. I think the recovery is in place.


10 thoughts on “It’s one of those days

  1. Oh dear! These things do happen, but poor little fella! Hope his toe feels better and he goes back to walking again quickly. 🙂

  2. phew iat it not being broken but I so don’t think you deserev that award. You deserve the patience of a saint award after that long wait in hospital. Glad to hear he is back to fighting with Mr .6.

  3. awww poor little mite. And poor mum suffering all that guilt!!

    I feel your pain.

    Arguments about star wars definitely signal recovery in my book lol

  4. Is it bad that I am grinning over the Lego part?

    I’m glad all went well though!
    I know out of experience how those damned toes can hurt :S
    (I am prone to hit them wherever I get a chance – and my feet are not THAT big…)

  5. Ouch … both for the wee man and for you – the guilt trip that you no doubt suffered through as well.

    Tomorrow is another day … I’m sure after a good long sleep it will feel better tomorrow.

  6. OMG I hope you find the foot soon – that cant be fun!! LOL. Poor you and Poor Mr 4! I stubbed my toe the other day and it hurt all the way up to my elbow for some totally weird reason!!

  7. OUCH! Good on you for putting the toe back in the right place – LOL!
    Hope he recovers quickly!

  8. Well done you for doing all the right stuff and being A GREAT MUMMY!! Ewww popping it back in place – heck these things happen my baby bro broke his toe and I couldn’t tell mum i was laughing so much 🙂 such a nice sister I am – but it was FUNNY…….

    Hmmm from experience with afore mentioned brother – arguing is a def signal of being on the mend 🙂

    You did all the right things you are so far from a bad mummy !!!! you checked it and provided cuddles (most important!!!) and went to the ED and waited and cuddled some more – hmmmm so doesn’t sounds like the worst parent to me!!! – dont be hard on yourself although i can imagine how you feel, but if he is a boy i am sure many more toes will get squished before all is said and done.

    Hope you both get some sleep tonight xoxo

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