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The best part

Yesterday’s crop went really well. The weather was atrocious – it even hailed a bit up this way. But the venue was cosy and warm. And we managed to NOT eat all the home backing. Now that surprised me! Who knew there could be a bunch of scrappers and homebaking in a room and at the end of the day, baking to be taken home?!

Because I was a bit naughty and realised I’d booked two consecutive weekends for my obsession hobby, I’d suggested I could have Mr 6 for a couple of hours so that he and Mr 4 could have a Daddy-date. Mr 6 was over the moon when hubby told him the night before. Who knew that Mr 6 would get so excited? Hubby asks. The plan was to get his Dinosaur page done – the one that he has been wanting to do for some time now. On a trip to Kiwiscraps on Friday afternoon (the same one where I got to meet Trace) I found some of the new basic grey papers in the Archaic line. Absolutely perfect for the dino page!! When I showed it to Mr 6 Saturday morning he was so excited.

So Mr 6 and I got down to doing his page. Now, I had a plan in terms of how to “stucture” the page. But Mr 6 picked the photos he wanted to use then measured and cut the papers as I told him too. He then stuck all the double sided tape on, and attached the papers together like we’d agreed. He asked me to cut around the pictures because he wasn’t so confident with the knife – and to be honest I was glad too. Didn’t like the thought of him slicing his fingers! Then I handed him some cardstock and said OK, write the story you want on this. I was thinking that he would just write a paragraph and it would be a journalling spot. But he had other plans – take a look:

I’m so pleased for him that he did this – he knew what he wanted and he was so happy with the finished page. When he got home he was so busy and excited about the page, Hubby is worried that he now has a double funnel from his paypacket directed towards teh LSS πŸ˜†

And I got the Friday night challenge done:

2x patterned papers, a 5×7 photo and a bird. Yes, a blimmin bird!! That’s a trend I never got – sticking birds on a page just for the fun of it. But there you go. And when I discovered I had some paper with a bird on it, I just knew I could do this challenge. Go me!! πŸ˜†

So who were the crazy group of croppers that joined me yesterday? It was this lot: some locally based scrappers from the SE Forum – plus a couple of ringers.

Back: D, Ali, K, Spgettie, Bubbles

Front: M, Me, Angelgurl, Wgtnscrapper

In amongst all the creating, that’s what was the most fun. Time spent with people. Making the virtual friends real. Good times.


8 thoughts on “The best part

  1. Awesome combined effort with your wee man … just awesome – what a brilliant layout. Love the two pics of all the girls scrapping … but my fave would be the one with all of you playing up to the camera … brilliant.

    And you’ve done well with your bird. I’m not a bird person either, just quietly.

  2. Love that dino layout – he did a fab job!

    And don’t knock the birds – they’re cool!

  3. I think your hubby has every right to be worried as your young fella has done a fantastic job.

    Sounds like a lot of fun at the crop.

  4. Mr 6 did such an amazing job, I was so impressed and how lucky was I to sit next to this talented wee man for an hour or so!
    What a crazy bunch on the left, who let that lot out?
    But seriously, it was awesome and I am so pleased I made the trip!

  5. yes it was great to see him in action and the look of pure joy on his face wen he had finished it. He had fin reading his journalling to me and told me why he had boxesa round his words. Very Clever. Hey I have decided birds rock, well at least the owls do. Love the gangsta girl look in our second photo.

  6. You guys just all look like trouble LOL πŸ™‚ looks like you had such a fun time

    OMG I love, love Mr 6’s layout it is stunning, the dinos are sooo cute might have to get moo some of that paper, hmmm maybe having two boys wont be so bad after all – maybe one might just be into scrapping to? who knows LOL

    Have a cool week πŸ™‚

    PS I meant to say I ADORE YOUR LITTLE ABLUM, it is soooo professional I was blown away when I opening the little envelope, it is such a little treasure – seriously never doubt your self – it is truly awesome !!!!! I want to keep it for my self LOL – I LOVE IT!!!

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