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Miniature swap

A few of us were gas bagging chatting (as you do!) on the Scrapbook Essentials forum a while back about the size photos we were getting printed and using. Wallet sized photos were a common theme. As well as the usual 6×4 or 5×7 prints.

So Janine had the nifty idea of doing a swap around these sized photos. A group of us signed up for it: we each make a mini album to then be swapped for someone else’s creation. We then pop our photos in the album we are given and decorate from there as we please. The interesting thing was the size: 3 x4 . Tiny. But totally fun! The swap was given the theme of “Summer” so that we can print off a bunch of those wallet sized photos from the fantastic summer we’ve just had and enjoy a mini moment when we look back on it.

I’m quite pleased with my effort. Using a technique which I picked up from a class I went to last year at my LSS, I made the covers and 5 double mini layout pages.

Special thanks go to Janine (the other one!) for helping me figure out the loveliness that is producing mosaics. Thanks bud! 🙂

The papers I’ve used as basic embellishment are scraps of Heidi Grace and Imaginessence. All in lovely turquoise and orange: colours of summer!

I now need to get this into the post – and hopefully it will not break the bank with the new postal charges! – and wait for another one to come back to me. I look forward to it because I know there are some mighty talented ladies in the swap. I just hope mine is up there with the standard! 😆


8 thoughts on “Miniature swap

  1. I agree awesome album, love the colours and the album. Your so clever and thank you for the shout out!! 😛

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