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Another glorious weekend in paradise

Gosh we are so very lucky aren’t we? The weather down here was just magnificent. While I was away doing my girly things the Mr’s were having fun too.

Mr 6 had club day for the rugby club. He is in the Under 7s and this season they play ripper rugby. Because I had the camera away with me, hubby didn’t get any pics, but a friend did so hopefully I will get to scrap those all in good time. Well apparently Mr 6 became 100% obsessed with the game and had a total blast. I know from Friday night that after his first training session he was completely knackered but very very happy. Long may this last – and may it do all the things for him that I am hoping for in terms of channelling certain energies.

Now on to me – because we all know this is all about me right?! The weekend away with the girls was a total blast – just like we thought it would be. I’d made a silly comment earlier on the Friday or Thursday in an e-mail about how excited I was and because I was driving on my own in the dark, I thought it was the decent thing to do to either leave a balloon or have one of the girls greet me at the gate with a glass of wine. Well, wouldn’t you know that a balloon was found and this was what greeted me as I drove up:

Actually, it was a single balloon but it was flat by the time I took the photo so we blew up some fresh ones!

Gotta love that!

I did indeed get my sleep-ins. And crafting in pajamas is the coolest thing to do 😆 A lot of cutting out was done as there were 80 wedding favour boxes to be cut out for Vicky’s sister’s wedding. Keryn did most of them, but I still think there’s a few more to be done. After the morning’s crafty stint, we downed tools at 11 in order to hit the Paraparaumu shops. Harvey Norman was a must in order to print some more photos: and a good stop too as it meant Vicky found out how to use the machines – and I got to practice getting the 4 ups (wallet sized photos). The Warehouse was next and we couldn’t help but pick up a bargain. Heidi Grace packs for $20 down to $12. Gotta love that. Then back to Waikanae and Sister Act where a little more purchasing was done. I love going to different shops and seeing the different stuff carried. And I can highly recommend this little store – it had very good prices on a lot of items. Seeing as I had left one of my favourite journalling stamps behind (which happens when you are packing quickly at the last minute because you thought you had LOOOOAAAAAADS of time and you didn’t!), when I spotted a cuttlebug tag die set, I grabbed that. You might see the tags got used quite a lot 🙂

Back to the house for lunch – we were good girls and ate healthy options. A bit more crafting done and then at 3 we headed out. Vicky was so very good – going for a long run. Keryn and I opted for a beach walk – adn I for one was very pleased to do that.

Kapiti from Waikanae Beach

One thing that cracked the girls up was my insistance on getting 12 photos of the day. I intended to get 12 photos to use on a “12 on the 12th” page. It meant I got some interesting shots like us shopping or eating icecreams after the walk / run. I so really need a camera that takes fantastic shots. Or more likely, I really really need to learn how to use my little one a lot better! 😆

Then to dinner. We picked up a fourth when a friend of Keryn’s who lives in the area came to play with us in the late afternoon. We have been to the Cobb & Co every time we’ve been there so we figured we would stick with tradition. It was a great night – but we did miss Donna who was busy with her pippins. So to ensure she felt loved we all sent her a text while we were at dinner. I’m sure she felt the love! 😆

Bed called a little earlier than the previous night – 11pm instead of half past midnight. That might explain why I feel tired when I come home from these events! Sunday morning was spent making a few more cards, finishing the last layouts and then after lunch we packed up and said goodbye to the house. A second getaway is yet to be planned as we have SENZ in October. I’m sure we will manage to squeak in another weekend away though.

So here is the sum total of our creativity:

My personal tally was 2 BOM pages, 2 12×12 pages, 2 6×6 pages for a circle journal and a couple of cards.

On getting home, hubby had the kayak all loaded and was champing at the bit to get out for a paddle. so glad he did, because while he was out on the water, a mother and baby dolphin came swimming by. What an experience!

So definitely another weekend in Paradise. Gotta love those 🙂

PS: I see that my Virtual 14 points are climbing. Hannah, Delys and Michele are just a frustrating 8 points above me, but I’m a good 24 points ahead of my Little Bro. I always told him he should listen to me! hahaha!!!


11 thoughts on “Another glorious weekend in paradise

  1. That sounds like a fabulous girlie weekend, Kelly! You did get quite a bit of scrapping done, even with all that shopping and walking on the beach! 🙂

    LOL about the virtual Super 14 … my little sister is beating me (top of the table!!!) but since I am waaaay ahead of my hubby I am feeling quite smug!! It’s early days though … plenty of time for me to fall behind and you to catch up! Ha!

  2. Very creative … go you!!!

    The rugger, well we SO won’t talk about that … I’ve ‘bummed’ out big time … but they tell me one should actually remember to put your pics in before said cut off time …

  3. Gorgeous work! You guys are amazing 🙂 I’ve been to Waikanae a sum total of twice…must head up there soon 🙂

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