Smiley Saturday

Smiley Saturdays are the brainchild of Lightening Online. Make sure to go there to check out the other Smiley Saturdays and feel free to do your own πŸ™‚

I am away! That in and of itself is Smiley enough. But specifically:

  • I will not be woken by voices demanding breakfast
  • I will be able to lie in bed until whatever time feels good
  • I’m laughing and giggling away at whatever silliness we get up to
  • We’ll be indulging in a good dinner out
  • I will be crafting away and might make a dent in the more recent “must-do” lists that have been made
  • We might even go for a walk on the beach or something.
  • did I mention that I will not be woken up until I am good and ready??

See you later in the weekend – hope you all have a good and relaxing one too.


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