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Time flies

I have sat down three times over the last couple of days to try and put a new post together. And each time, I’ve realised that I needed to get on with something else that didn’t involve the computer. So hopefully I will get 10 minutes to send out a stream of consiousness that is remotely sane before I remember I need to do something like bake some chocolate chip biscuits, or return so and so’s call from yesterday. Life eh?!

So something crafty to begin with. My card for Di’s sketch this week:

I went along for my Ultrasound yesterday. The results need to be discussed further with my GP so it’s still up in the air a bit. but it looks like I have a reason for the pain etc: there are some gallstones. It fitted (for once!) with what I was beginning to suspect and it’s good to know that it is most likely something relatively common and fixable. I’ll know more after speaking with the GP.

This weekend I’m off with some girlfriends for a weekend of fun and relaxation up on the coast. We have been looking forward to this so much – crazy laughter, a bit of wine, good company. There is one blip about it – our 4th buddy has had to stay here in town to do a pippins activity. The next weekend away will have barbed wire or something all around the date to ensure that she gets away with us next time.


5 thoughts on “Time flies

  1. Hey as horrible as it sounds yippe for the gallstones cos at least you now know what your dealing with and as you said its treatable and fixable. Enjoy your weekend away you crazy ladies, a shame that fourth buddy double booked herself with those pirate pippins…..

  2. It’s good to know what the problem is – I’m sure it was rather scary being in pain and not knowing what was causing it. Hopefully the process to fix the problem won’t cause you too much more pain. Enjoy your weekend – I’m so jealous it sounds like bliss!

  3. Glad to hear that you now know what you are dealing with and hopefully it will be an “easy fix”. You can tell I know nothing about gallstones.

    Have a great weekend away – sounds like a lot of fun.

  4. Enjoy the weekend away and hopefully you won’t have a gallstone atack … I did think gallstones … been there, done that myself, so know exactly about the pain and where you are coming from.

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