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Daylight savings changes

Does anyone else have the same issue at this time of year? I’m as sleepy as anything these last few days. Even though I am getting to bed at the same time, doing the same stuff as always. I just feel the need to go back to bed and have nana-naps. Actually, full on, close my eyes and go back to sleep sounds really good.

I think I feel like this pretty much every time the clocks get put back to “proper” time. Possibly it’s all in my head, but it really does feel like winter when the times get changed, the skies are grey and you start pulling on extra layers. Truly I feel like I should be hibernating. That would surely stop me from snacking on those darned Girl guide minis!

But life goes on so at some point I will wake up and come off auto-pilot. Perhaps with the help of a decent coffee. Maybe I need to get one of those fancy schmancy coffee machines?? šŸ˜†

Life does indeed go on. Yesterday I was parent help at Kindy. So much fun. I didn’t see much of Mr 4 at all. He and his mate R were outside virtually all morning. I swear they are becoming one with the swings!! R is such a great kid. He taught Mr 4 how to swing on his own. He goes off to school in July and Mr 4 will be a little lost for a while. However, his buddies from afternoons should start appearing at mornings about that time. And R will be starting school as Year 0 so when Mr 4 starts next year they will both be Year 1s together.

We got a call from Mr 6’s rugby club – there are trials for his age group because they have enough for two teams. Interestingly, the school mate that should have been in the same year team as Mr 6 is one ahead. Think it is because his team from last year are pretty much returning intact and so the mate is going in although it’s a different age group. Mr 6 was upset to begin with – he doesn’t know anyone else (yet) who is playing in the club. But the other night he turned around and said “You know, if I’m not on the same team as L, that’s OK. It means I can make some more friends.” Sometimes when they grow up, it takes you by surprise.

10 thoughts on “Daylight savings changes

  1. I must be lucky because DLS doesn’t really affect me much. I hope you are able to adjust soon enough – either that, or find some time for a couple of nana naps this week!

    Wow, that was quite a profound comment from your Mr 6. Really does show that they are able to think & rationalise at that age a lot more than we think they can! Good on him, he’s got a great attitude about it. šŸ™‚

  2. I have to say that I find it easier to cope when we get the hour back, I find it takes me to weeks when we loose an hour to adjust. Good attitude there from Mr 6 about making new friends, we could learn a few things from these young ones.

  3. I SO agree with you about DLS, makes you wonder if it is really worth the hassle, and it didn’t help that the weather went to pack pretty much straight away. Winter is a-coming!

  4. I cope OK with DLS but Isaac is not, so in a round about way I am not as well, confused? Well he is waking anywhere from 4.30 on, WAY too early for me!
    I think your Mr 6 is a very smart kid. If he is able to rationalise like that as he gets older he will do really well!

  5. We were adjusting for DLS a couple of weeks before it happened – the kids were going to sleep later in the evenings and not waking in the mornings till late. Now we are back to normal and it’s great! Love your Mr 6’s attitude to making new friends how cool is he?!

  6. I like this end of DLS but it does seem like a really long day.

    What a great attitude from your Mr 6 – they grow up way too fast!

  7. Most impressed with Mr 6 and his comment … growing up way too fast by the sound of it.

    Must admit I don’t much like what this DLS does to the bod either!!!

  8. Yes, I’m feeling the time change badly! I just feel like it’s dark too early and that means it must be later than what it is lol. Also what is it about when the time changes so does the temps at night???? Hahaha, seriously, it’s been cold at night!

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