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Weekend recharge

Was meaning to do a Smiley Saturday post on Saturday but for a change I never got close enough to the computer to do so. Then on Sunday, it seemed my nose was stuck in a book so again, I never got around to it. But there were a few fun things going on.

On Friday I went to a CHA launch at my LSS. They were showcasing some of their items that they had ordered and had just in stock from the recent CHA event in Anaheim. We got treated to a short display of the actual event and then a reveal on some of the things that were brought back. Plus a make and take or two. Clearly I sat at the wrong table becuase it was the one beside me that seemed to pick up the spot prizes! 😆 One line I must say left me wanting to bring the whole lot home was Little Yellow Bicycle. Regular readers will know that I often bemoan the lack of boys stuff on the market at any given time (usually when I am looking for it!). The same has gone by and large in the scrapping world. Gorgeous papers abound, but often more blingey/floral/girly than I would like. Well, this season there seems to be a readjustment and there are LOADS of more masculine products coming on the market. I really loved the Zach’s Life range because it wasn’t for little boys. It’s aimed more at the teenage market, but well, if you know my boys – it has them covered too 😉 I was a good girl though and left a lot more of the range in the shop than I purchased: I came home with just a couple of papers and this cool set of stamps:-

The weekend weather was rainy and grey so, perfect for inside stuff. For some odd reason Hubby had told Mr 6 that he was allowed to get a new game for the PS2. Although not something I was thinking of, we went with the flow and after a visit to EA games – and me pointing out we could get 3 games for the price of 1 if we went to that particular bin, we came home with the new entertainment. One game in particular was really enjoyed and Mr 6 is really finding his way through the KND (Kids Next Door) one. Definitely something to ensure gets put in the rewards basket… yes, I’m going back to tick charts to help out with some behaviours. Again.

Saturday night saw Hubby and I watching the Hurricanes game. I was barracking freely for the Hurricanes this time – because the opposition was not the Crusaders 😆 The result was one that I still can’t figure out how it came to be. I certainly hope that that particular ref is questioned very closely in his match review.

While watching the game I also got a bit of crafty time in and here they are.

Mr 6’s title page for his special album:

And thanks to Beverley, I now have a few very cheap albums in the house myself. Mr 6’s pages are 8×8 in size.

And this one where the photo was taken sometime before Christmas. Gotta love those superheroes! 😆

And that will do it for this unofficial weekend smiley post. 🙂



12 thoughts on “Weekend recharge

  1. Those boy ranges sound great, I will definitely have to check them out.

    I just love the title page for Mr 6’s album, that’s a great photo of him. And those superheroes … wow … let me just say Tyler would get along GREAT with your boys!!

  2. I am so pleased that htere are some more boyish lines coming out!!! Those of us with no daughters have to do more BOM pages and nieces due to the lack of boy things! Loving the stamps you got!
    The photo on Mr 6’s page is gorgeous, what a cutie patootie!

  3. Very cool Kelly!
    We got a new game too, Dinojam, the buzz one. It was fun, except when I was teamed with maddy. She was just plain mean 😉

  4. Very cool stamp set Kelly. Love the pages for your Mr 6 Album. I bet he feels special having this album just for him!!

  5. I missed smiley Saturday – I guess it can’t be helped when you’re out enjoying life! So they still have cheap albums? And was there more options than just the blue flowery one? Those stamps look cool – specially that top 10 list one.

  6. Quite partial to that top 10 list stamp as well … cool.

    Loved that you support the Hurricanes if the red and blacks aren’t playing – lol.

    Layouts look awesome.

  7. I think that stamp set gets everyones vote. Just might be looking out for it down here. Love the layouts. Is going to be a very cool book.

  8. love the stamps (must have missed that email from KS!) love the layout, and i totally hear you on the daylight saving – sheesh! it seems to effect the kids WORSE as they get older!!!

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