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A Special Album

The other day I was cruising through my bloglines as you do and Nic Howard was posting about making special albums for her kids. Not the ones that we treasure and take all sorts of time producing to have sit on our shelves and looked at with all the appropriate ooohs and aaaahs. No, these ones are for the kids, themselves, to pull out, take to bed, read and re-read. It sounded like such a neat idea that I thought, why not? ‘Specially since Mr 4 is all fresh and 4.

So I started.


Unfortunately I didn’t have an old album around to utilise, or know where to pick up a cheapy cheap one like Beverley did ($1.50…. wow!! 😯 ) Instead I wound up at my LSS and after checking out what they had, decided to splurge and order one in. It’s a cool one though – it has trains and a real boy feel to it. Mr 4 is right in to Thomas et al so it is a fitting choice. It would have been a bit nicer of the local red shed would actually re-stock some of the cheap Grant Archivals in again. 🙄

So the album I’m doing is 8.5×8.5 – just a nice size I think to get the theme together. tonight I got the title page done. Need to take some more photos (really?!) but will enjoy putting this together.

I know too that Mr 6 will want his own album as well, so hopefully the weather stays good to aid my seriously hopeless photography skills!


14 thoughts on “A Special Album

  1. What a great idea! My kiddos love looking through their old Playcentre journals. I really should start something like this (x4!!). I know the big girls would be into helping. Thanks Kelly.

  2. That’s looking great, Kelly! I love the photo. The more I see others doing these the more I want to do one for Tyler! He’s nearly 4. 😉
    It’s just a matter of finding the time!

  3. Kelly… I love it!! I’m starting one of those albums for Liam who I am going to pretend is 4 right now when I take his photo – he isn’t 4 till 23 April but I think I can get away with it! I had heaps of trouble finding an album too that wasn’t ridiculously expensive and that wasn’t pink. I ended up at my LSS store too but managed to pick up a nice blue one for $14. I am looking foward to seeing more of your page pics! Oh and a pic of the album too when you get it.

  4. Hey Kelly, that is so gorgeous! I have started one for Finn who turned 5 recently, got a few photos printed yesterday so am busy putting together now – so much fun! Will post pics on my blog soon 🙂
    I got a couple of 8×8 albums 1/2 price at Warehouse Stationery during Christmas sales – was wondering what to use them for?! Now am putting them to good use, LOL ! Am going to put a basic one together for Emma who is 3, then I think I’ll update when she turns 5.
    Can’t wait to see the rest of your album!

  5. Very very cool page!!! I think Tobyn is a little old and Isaac a little young to do one of those albums right now. But they all look very cool.

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