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A morning in ED

It’s one way to spend a Sunday morning. Would much rather have spent it sleeping in, or even doing housework.

I got up first to get the breakfast ready for the Mr’s – Hubby does not often get the chance to sleep in, mainly because I do (me not being a morning person and all that). Almost immediately I felt a pain in my chest, which is a wee bit familiar now. I’ve had it twice before. The first time about 3 1/2 years ago, the last just before Christmas. Both times it has been assumed to be indigestion. both times I have had teh ambulance called to take me into hospital because the pain was really that bad. Both times before I have felt pretty bad at having to ask them to get me because I’m sure someone out there probably needs it more. In all three cases, the Ambulance teams have been wonderful in reassuring me that I am not wasting their time.

Yesterday, I took the indigestion remedies that I was prescribed last time almost as soon as the pain came on. To no avail. So I made that emergency call again. And told the kids that they needed to eat their breakfast.

“No, Mr 6 it does not matter I made the milk hot instead of using cold milk. Just Eat it.” “Mummy is in a bit of pain, could you please stop crying over the status of your breakfast.”

“Mr 3 could you please unlock the door to let the amublance people come in.” “Yes, mummy is really that bad.”

“No, I will not make you a new breakfast.”

“Ummm, Hubby, you might need to get up.”

It’s good to know that life will indeed carry on as normal despite the health status of Mummy. 🙄

I was seen pretty quickly by the ED staff – probably because I’d called earlier than I had previous times and the pain was still coming and going. I even remembered how to breath through it so that this time I didn’t hyperventilate. Yay me!

This time too, I wasn’t given indigestion medication and made to wait it out. This time, although the tests showed nothing specific (actually, nothing at all) there was mention of Gallstones or some kind of colic. This alone is good because somewhere, I know it isn’t severe indigestion – it’s not something I suffer from normally. I’ve been referred for an ultra sound and hopefully that will pick something up. I’m positive it is nothing serious, but I would like to know what on earth can cause so much pain – and definitely prevent it from happening again!

Anyway, all is good for now. I came home completely wiped out and spent pretty much the entire afternoon sleeping and dozing in bed.

On a much Happier note, it is my forum buddy’s Hannah’s birthday today. Happy Birthday Hannah – hope you are spoiled rotten as you should be 🙂

And – Wow! – thanks to eveyone that commented on your Smiley things on the last post. Sounds like every one  has something  to smile about at the moment. And that has to be a good thing.

9 thoughts on “A morning in ED

  1. I’m sorry you had such a scare, Kelly. But it sounds like you have a wonderful ambulance crew and ED, and I’m pleased to hear that you are having a scan done this time. I’m sure it will provide the answers. At least gall stones is a fixable thing, if that’s what it is.

    Thanks also for the birthday love – and those lovely flowers. 🙂

  2. Well as I said thats a bit of drama for ya weekend. Nice to read that the ambo crew were understanding, you need that when your not feeling the best. Hope the ultra sound is soon and they can work out whats wrong and treat it. Not much fun being in pain and scared out of your wits like that.

  3. Oh wow how scary for you. But I am glad that you are going for a scan and hope to get some answers!

  4. Wow, how scary, Kelly! Would gallstones or colic cause so much pain???? Is it in your chest? Are they going to look into things more now? I really really hope they find out the reasoning. I had a scare back in January while staying at the in-laws and at times my lips, arms and lets would go numb. Freaked me out! But I waited until I could see my GP and he said I was probably hyperventilating! Probably with everything that was going on lol. Keep me updated 😉

  5. Eeeeeeeeek, that’s scary business. You take care of yourself, and no more raging with Widdleshamrock. I shall have to have a word with her about making you over-do.

    Seriously, take care of yourself.

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