Smiley Saturday on the 29th


Smiley Saturday is Lightening’s brainchild and you can see here what it is all about. Feel free to peruse the other Smiley Saturday’s – or even join in too.

Today is wet and grey looking. A bit of a shock after the absolutely positively superb weather we have had for ages and ages now. But it not cold… definitely able to smile about that.

So this week’s Smiles are pretty straightforward:

  • Going to SplitEnz with Widdleshamrock on Tuesday night. (I did see on the news headlines that their NZ-wide tour started in Auckland last night. Nevermind the fact that they had played already in Christchurch and Wellington. I was about to rant about the usual perception from Auckland about where exactly NZ begins and ends… except I also know I have many good cyber buddies who happen to be Aucklanders – and they at least know better!)
  • Having Little Bro and his girlfriend staying for a few days. When the weather was so amazing they could not believe they were here in Wellington. Meh, it’s like that here all the time! 😉
  • Watching the “Big Game” last night – and watching of course the best team win. That particular clash is always fraught in this household. Hubby is still in the misguided belief the Crusaders are the 2nd best team in the competition. And after last night: “He-heh” (a la Bart Simpson and friends) is all I have to say on the matter… out loud anyways!
  • Finding I still have chocolate left from last weekend. Wooo-hoooo!
  • Finding I have some time to myself while Hubby watches the 7s and the Mr’s are playing with new guns (there were no light sabres left at the $2 shop!). I might just do a spot of creating….
  • And going to dinner and a movie – or something like that – with the Shamrocks. And Anja – we haven’t warned the authorities yet. Would be nice to have a bite before they’re on to us!! 😛

So, tell me – what are YOU smiling about? 🙂


8 thoughts on “Smiley Saturday on the 29th

  1. Love your smiley list … what am I smiling about right now … well reading your list made me smile … and all I will say is I was born in Crusaders country and am a true red and black fan from way back …

    and I have been a little creative today and that always makes me smile.

  2. Another wonderful list! I have to say, even as an Aucklander (sort-of, we live NORTH of Auckland and it’s a toll call to ring Auckland, but we pay Auckland prices for everything!!!) that it is extremely rude to ignore the ChCh and Wgtn concerts! The tour quite obviously didn’t start last night. You have every right to want to rant about that ignorant statement!

    What makes me smile today … went to my parents’ place today and Mum made cheese scones for lunch / Hubby just got back from a road trip to Coromandel with his brother / I’m on top of my work (for once!) 🙂

  3. I am smiling today because all our odd jobs are done round the place – so we ae just crusisng about doing not much!
    Also got a new scrapping mag today so tonight plan on getting cosy on the couch and reading it!

  4. am smiling at your wee dig about aucklanders cos we know that life does exsist beyond the bomabys. We were talking today with friends today and said its nice to have rain and not be cold. I am smiling at the choc cake made by friends in honour of my birthday. Smiling that I finally got layouts out of pizza boxes and into albums, five albums later. Smiling at the productive day I had.

  5. I’m smiling because when I saw your blog was updated I thought oh goodie it’s Smiley Saturday. That made me happy even before I read your list!

  6. I would so love to be a fly on the wall when you and Widdleshamrock go out on the town. That’s making me smile. 🙂

    Hope you guys have a fantabulous night.

  7. Sounds like you’ve had a great week! 🙂 Thanks so much for taking part and don’t worry about the Mr Linky troubles – we all have these things happen. 🙂 I think it’s all sorted now. Thanks for your perseverance with it. 🙂

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