Bucket List


Yes, the title is from the movie of the same name. Hannah and Janine put up four prompts at Scrapbook Essentials for the month for our Book of Me albums. Some girls have done all four, but I have done just this page. The concept behind the Bucket List is pretty much the same as in the movie: to list five things we want to have done before we shuffle off our mortal coils.

It’s taken me pretty much the whole month to think abut this, because there are a lot of things on my mental To Do list. Some of them are as simple as ensuring I don’t eat all of my easter eggs in one go today.

The interesting thing that I noted as I was making my list, pretty much all of them involve travel of some kind. I wonder if this is because I’ve always had the travel bug, or if there is some other reason I’m not aware of. Some things that didn’t quite make the “Top 5” are to see parts of New Zealand I haven’t been to; to go to Waitangi on Waitangi day; to visit family and friends overseas and spend time with them; to climb Mt Everest. Actually – that last one – that’s not on any list of mine at all! šŸ˜† What is on my list:

  1. Take Mr 6 (and of course Mr 4) back to Belgium as this was his birthplace. Show him around where we lived etc. And while we’re there, explore a bit more of the places where his Oma and Opa lived.
  2. To go to Gallipoli on ANZAC Day.
  3. To see and explore parts of Europe that I missed the first time around. Like Prague – where we were scheduled to go to for Hubby’s work but that conference got transferred because of their extremely severe flooding. Like the Alhambrawhere we tried to visit but didn’t know that you had to be in before a certain time because visitor numbers are limited! Like Scotland, or other places in England. Like the whole rest of Italy. Like the rest of Spain. Like Greece.
  4. To take the boys to Disney. In the US.
  5. To Be Happy. Which actually hides a lot of things in a simple statement.

9 thoughts on “Bucket List

  1. What a great layout, and a great list! I think those are all awesome things – and you’re right, the last one could easily hide a few other things so you can sneakily have more than 5! LOL šŸ™‚

  2. Awesome layout!!! And great list. I haven’t done this challenge but I would most deffinately have a lot of travel on mine too!

  3. I think everyone should make a bucket list. I have parts of one in my head but actually writing it down or putting it on a layout is a whole other level of commitment! Travel would also feature fairly prominently on mine. And that is a very nice photo of you on that layout by the way.

  4. love your bucket list Kelly. Disneyland is on my list and I am doing research on that at the moment, looking at that as my reward for completing three years of study. Gallipoli on ANZAC would be an experience of a lifetime. BTW love that photo if you.

  5. I’m another one to say, love that pic of you as well. Enjoyed reading your list … travel … to far away places … it’s got to be good for you.

  6. I have yet to finish this layout myself – I’m truly stuck – lol But those are some seriously cool countries you want to visit! Love the way you put this together.

  7. Kelly – such a fab layout! Love your list šŸ˜‰ I don’t know if I could make a list of just 5! And don’t do Disneyland, try Disney World WAY better than Disneyland in Cali lol. OH and love the pic of you, you look so young!

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