Easter Weekend

Goodness me, I had an unexpected break from my blog! Just enjoying the sun and the company over the weekend and before I knew it, it’s been almost a week since the last post. So Easter. Well, I have no idea about the rest of the country but it has just been totally GORGEOUS up this way.

Good Friday was very much a relax around the house kind of blobby day. Something we really all needed to do. Every now and then you realise how busy you get and that you need to just stop and recharge. That was what we did. Don’t think I got out of my PJs until just before lunch! And then it was so that I could ensure we had some Hot Cross Buns sorted out for lunch.

Saturday was still a relax day, but this time we headed out. Just went for a tiki-tour drive and ended up in Porirua for a bit. Had lunch there and then as we had the Mr’s bikes in the back of the car, we stopped at their favourite park and did some biking and playing. mr 6 likes to head on over to the skater park. That’s where the bikers and the skaters have ramps and hill and jumps and all that sort of thing. He’s pretty cautious on it when there are a lot of kids using it, but like to do his circuit. Usually speed and a few hills are included. Mr 4 whips around the outside on his trike. Being a newly acquired skill, he is really enjoying the buzz of riding.

Sunday we had decided we would all go to church. Not really a regular occurance for us but Mr 6 has been wanting to go to Sunday school like quite a few of his school mates. The church up by us is a popular one and one that I would describe as being “modern christian”. I’m not sure which demoniation it comes from, but not one of the more “mainstream” ones like presbytarian or baptist or catholic. So, we decided that instead of the church that the family all attended as kids and the one that we would normally have gone to, we would go to the one much closer to us. As we parked nearby and headed across the way, the bells were ringing in the clear air.

I wasn’t expecting any form of children’s church at this service because it is one of the main ones in the religious calendar and assumed that there would be no special time for the kids. I was wrong! Mr 6 headed of to children’s liturgy and had a great time doing the crafts and things that were laid out for him. The church was a full house (which I had expected given it was Easter) and Mr 4 was a bit put off by all the bodies so he chose to stay with us. The next time I’m sure he will go off happily enough.

Afterwards, we hung around a bit and the Mr’s played in the adjoining school playground like most of the other kids. We had a quick biscuit and a coffee. The thing that struck me most was how familiar it all was – different church, different time – but still the routine of chatting and drinking I remember from my days at Sunday school at Iona in Christchurch!

From there it was too nice a day to ignore so we headed home, packed up a very quick picnic and headed to Days Bay. Hubby packed the “banana boat” (the mucking around kayack). It was great having some time in the sun to kick back.

dig.jpg paddle.jpg

After that, it was time to go home and have our hunt with our friends the A’s. We did a hunt last year and I was thrilled that they could come again – it’s so much more fun to have more kids doing the hunting! And even better to be sitting around afterwards chatting and enjoying the sun.


Adding to the pile before the Loot is distributed

Later that night, I went to the airport and picked up Little Bro and his girlfriend. The day was more hectic than I realised – yet plenty of time to chill and enjoy. Gotta love those kinds of days.

Monday was just as glorious as the previous days. I cannot believe how spoiled we have been this summer – I know the farmers are having a rough time of it, but I just love it!! So back to Days Bay – it is our favourite place to take visitors on a gorgeous day. The cafe we intended to have lunch at was closed so we had to go to the upmarket one… and the bill gave us a fright! To recover, we wandered across the road to the beach – and the Mr’s played in the water… Mr 4 stripping right down to his birthday suit! They had a blast! The bikes were still in the back of the car so we went back across the road to the park and played there for a bit too.


Little Bro (in red) and Hubby playing with the toys

Little Bro is finally believing me that “You can’t beat Wellington on a good day”!


7 thoughts on “Easter Weekend

  1. What an awesome long weekend you had, And haven’t we all been so lucky with the weather, though it does feel funny saying that when we know the farmers are not too happy, so right you are.

  2. Sounds like an absolutely fabulous Easter weekend! And yes, wasn’t the weather amazing??
    Days Bay is somewhere I have never been but I have heard it is lovely. Next trip to Wgtn I will definitely make sure we go there.

  3. Well, obviously you have been far to busy having fun in the real world to worry about blogging! Sounds like your weekend was awesome, glad you got a chance to stop and recharge and enjoy your family. We haven’t been to Days Bay in a while, we seem to stop at Petone but must make the effort to go that little bit further next time.

  4. Kelly – your Easter sounded just as good as ours 😉 Such gorgeous gorgeous weather! I think I would be happy if Easter was in March every year lol.

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