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Di Hickman Sketch March 19

Todays sketch seems to be a fairly simple one – yet plenty of variation from the card sketch girls.


And here is my version:


Don’t forget to let me know if you use the sketch for one of your cards… I want to seeeee! 😆

Has anyone else been taken by surprise by the earliness of Easter this year? I knew it was coming because my diary and calendar both tell me so. But somewhere along the line it just hasn’t felt right gearing up for Easter just yet. Today I realised that I better get on and get some chocolate goodies while the Mr’s were occupied with School and kindy. the last couple of years we have had an easter egg hunt with good friends M and C. Need to talk to Donna to see if we can do that again – having more than two kids searching seems to make it a whole lot more fun.

And it is at this point I own up to being a bit PC on it all. It’s for my own sanity really – I simply cannot handle the whining that I know will come if someone has more eggs than someone else. Yes, that’s from my lot – give you two guesses as to which of the Mr’s is more likely to do this! 🙄 So, once all the eggs have been hunted, I make them all tip them out and then we share them out evenly. I normally manage to get a few photos of the hunt – I’m hoping that this year I will get a few less “Builder’s Bum” shots! 😆

This year too we will have my brother and his girlfriend up and stay for a few days. Looking forward to that. Mind you, I think he’s a bit on the wuss side: he arrives later on Sunday night and therefore misses out on all the hectic and perhaps fraught moments of the day! But it will be good to catch up with the little brother.

Not least because he will find out he will be babysitting on Tuesday night… I’m going out to see SplitEnz. Oh yeah!! I never even thought about going to the concert until Widdleshamrock told me she had a spare ticket. I’m so there was my first thought! Luckily Little Bro and girlfriend are here for a few days so me skipping out on one night shouldn’t be too hard on them. The fact they get to feed and put the Mr’s to bed could be a different story. I will tell the Mr’s to be on their best behaviour. I will.


7 thoughts on “Di Hickman Sketch March 19

  1. I saw this in our local paper today and thought you might be interested:
    “You are right if you think Easter is early this year. Easter is always the first Sunday after the first full moon following the offical vernal equinox, which it is today . . . This year, Easter is the earliest any of us will see. Only those aged over 95 years have seen it this early, as the last time it fell on March 23 was in 1913. The next time Easter falls on March 23 is 2228 – 220 years away.”

    I do the same thing after the Easter Egg Hunt … we pool all the eggs and divide them evenly. It’s easier to be fair than to have a “potential” meltdown!

  2. Hope your Easter is happy and filled with good things – or atleast filled with chocolate which is filled with good stuff! Lucky you getting to go out on Tuesday night, enjoy the concert. And a good thing about Easter sneaking up on me and not buying the eggs till today … they are all on special at the Red Shed!

  3. Ah, I can remember Easter being in March a couple of times, right at the end. I thought it was really odd the first time it happened lol.

    DH loves SplitEnz!! Have a fabulous time! I remember the song he sent to me via shared file while I was still in the States and it was Pulled Along by Love. Ah, the memories lol.

  4. Yes it is early but still quite nice not to have it in the school holidays. Have fun with your egg hunt – we did treasure hunts for a few years with lots of clues etc but it was a lot of work and they haven’t even mentioned it for this year so I’m keeping quiet.

    Enjoy your concert.

  5. Now let me guess which Mr would have the melt down…from your last post….
    Isaac is too little to notice of there is a difference!
    Your card is very cool.
    Have fun at the concert! I am sure it will be awesome.

  6. had to laugh about the egss and splitting them down the middle but it is fair and diplomatic given the last post lol. Enjoy Split Enz on Tuesday. BTW us aunt and uncles like to babysit when we don;t see our neices and nephews much, it makes us appreciate the time we spend with them and the fact we go home without them lol.

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