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7 Things

Ummmm I did this tag some time last year. Can I just copy and paste those in? No? Darn!

Right, so thanks to Bettina and Widdleshamrock, here are 7 more weird things about me that you probably didn’t know – and possibly never wanted to know.

  1. I live near Widdleshamrock. Darn – she told me that wasn’t weird enough to include!


  1. I have Goldilocks syndrome when I’m going to sleep. I can’t be too cold or too hot. Usually this is managed by sticking one foot outside the duvet.
  2. I tried to manage my addiction to marshmellow easter eggs by putting the packets I bought last week in the freezer. I’ve spent the last week realising just how good frozen marshmellow easter eggs are!
  3. I have to make my tea with freshly boiled water. And then let it sit for 10 minutes or so to cool down.
  4. I find it annoying to realise that although I have just sent someone an e-mail, it could be DAYS before I get a reply. I can’t help but push the refresh button futilely in the vain hopes there might be an immediate response. I mean – they should be sitting there just waiting for my message to pop into their inbox…..
  5. I love having my toes done – feet massaged etc. I know this will totally skeeve someone out because she hates it pretty much as much as I love it 😆
  6. I received a personal letter from David Lange when I was in the 3rd form after I wrote to him in support of the Anti-Nuclear policies. During the very brief period that Geoffory Palmer was our Prime Minister, he came through my checkout at the supermarket I worked in on a Friday night. Seems even PMs need tomato sauce with their fish and chips. I think that might qualify me for PM. 😉
  7. I find it really, really difficult to let a ringing phone go through to answer phone. It’s like the other person will know I’m there and ring back so I might as well pick up now, right?!

Ok – I know I’m meant to tag another 7 people but pretty much every one I know with a blog has done this. So, if you haven’t… feel free to share and consider yourself tagged. 🙂


7 thoughts on “7 Things

  1. I got a letter from Norman Jones – lol and marshmellow in the freezer is soooo yummy!! Is there really a Widdleshamrock???

    Yes, there is indeed a real widdleshamrock. My imaginary friends go by other names 😉

  2. Hehehe, I have the same syndrome as you in #1 lol. It’s like my foot is my regulator lol. I have to be just right. I’ve also discovered something else I love! We have a sheet and bed spread and when I hop in bed, I pull a fleece blanket up and have my arms between the fleece and our bed spread. OHHHHHH, I just love it soooooooooo much lol. I think maybe because it’s kinda like having my own cuddly lol. My DH is the same as you with #3. And it doesn’t matter how much milk he adds to it, he still has to let it sit lol.

  3. LOL at the frozen marshmellows!
    I too am a freshly bolied tea maker and leave for 5-10mins before I drink it, my hubby thinks I am weird that I have to boil the jug right before I make the drink even if he has boiled it only a couple of mins before! I think it brings out the flavour of the tea more!
    And as for the e-mail thing….it depends on who it is to/from. I have sent something to up2scrap and now I am stalking my e-mail inbox, waiting for the thanks but no thanks reply.

  4. baahaaahaa widdle shamrock isn’t real!!

    hold on. Who the hell was I talking to this morning then?

    * wanders off muttering to self*

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