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An oddly relaxed weekend

I say oddly, because it felt like we were busy. Out doing family stuff, including a lunch on Saturday at Rushes in Pauatahanui Inlet. First time I’ve been there, although we’ve been meaning to drop in for a coffee almost every time we drive by. I had a really tasty chicken salad – Yum!

Normally our weekends are filled doing lots and lots of not very much away from the house. Typically it means all four of us head out in the car to go somewhere, hanging out at the beach or a park. I get a bit frustrated with the routine sometimes as I know how much stuff there is at home that needs attention. Well, somehow this weekend, it all slotted in really well and we all got a bit of what we needed. What that meant was I actually feel like I’ve had a relaxing weekend. Now if only I could figure out how it was all achieved, I could look forward to many more weekends like that! πŸ˜†

One of the things we did do was take a walk around the inlet after lunch. The inlet is an amazing place, but as we are normally driving by on our way to somewhere else, it’s not a spot that we’ve looked at in any detail. So it was nice to walk off some of that yummy lunch, feeling for all the world that you were completely isolated from humanity. I was surprised to see how close the water was to the walkway on both sides – like the walkway was reclaimed and purpose built. I have no idea if this is the case or not, although I do know that DOC assist in maintaining the environment there.

Along both sides of the walkway was vegetation – it’s not until you get right out to the “front” that you have just the tussocky-reedy-grassy plants and water views. We did the 20 minute walk and found a great bench seat to sit on. Dotted through the walk were several hides. I assumed they were for duck season, but now I have a feeling they are for bird enthusiasts. The one at the very end of the walk was unlocked and it took all of 2 seconds for the boys to make their way inside, I have no idea if it really is for the public or not, so I figured if we left it exactly as we found it, it would be OK. The Mr’s had a ball realising they could open the little hatches and watch the wildlife. Mr 6 has been studying birds in Topic and was quite excited to recognise some of them. After 20 minutes or so of relaxing and just enjoying the space it was time to head off (me, hubby and Uncle D were in need of caffiene!)

It’s good to not be too far from humanity after all. πŸ™‚

7 thoughts on “An oddly relaxed weekend

  1. Oh it sounds so tranquil, LOL about the Mr’s firguring out the hut πŸ™‚ So glad you go to have some relaxing family time, that is so Awesome yay πŸ™‚

  2. Sounds like a wonderfully relaxing weekend! The place you went to sounds so blissful – can you share a photo?

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