Smiley Saturday time again


Smiley Saturday is the brainchild of LighteningOnline and make sure you hook her up if you take part as she likes a good smile.

This week’s Smiley Saturday bits and bobs are from the fairly mundane and ordinary pile. But in some ways, I think they are the ones that need to be noted more often than they might be.

  • Mr 3 is really enjoying his swimming. At his big brother’s lesson after school he decides to he wants to go as well. He’s on his own in the kiddy pool and he is going for it on the surfboard. Such a turnaround.
  • Montheiths Summer Ale is on special at the supermarket – it’s a nice drop so I include some in the grocery shop.
  • Mr 6 is still practising his keyboard lessons without being reminded too much
  • Both Mr’s are enjoying the company of their Uncle D. Mr 6 in particular is intrigued that Uncle D’s cellphone (a blackberry) is able to get Google Earth on it and we can see our own house: he’s just been learning about maps and Google in “Topic” at school.
  • The eggs I bought from our local friendly supplier are indeed super fresh. And they were cleaned for me before I picked them up. Mr Shamrock is very kind to me! 😆
  • Getting more blog bling from galpal Widdleshamrock: I love to have the current bling on board!

wonderfulwomenwawardthumbnail.jpg dailydose2thumbnail.jpg totallyfabthumbnail.jpg

Other wonderful women of the web that I nominate are Mummymoo, Yvette and Vicki

Those that I can’t do without on a daily dose (or as frequently as they update!) would be Hannah Honeybumble, and Trina

And two AbFab bloggers are Beverley and Janine aka Angelgurl

Share the love as you see fit 🙂

Hope you are enjoying your weekend!

9 thoughts on “Smiley Saturday time again

  1. Beautiful ♥ things to smile about – doesn’t it make life easier when kids are happy doing what we want them to do.
    Congrates on your bling .
    I love fresh eggs too… our neighbours give us some occasionally.

    I think I am a first time visitor … I have to come back for another browse – 12.30 am now but I ahd to visit all the Smiley Saturdays – Cathy is a scraper too – she did her first SS today.

    My SS is up
    My Little Drummer boys

  2. Those are good things to smile about. I can imagine that the existence of google earth makes school way more exciting than the old atlas lessons! Thanks for the ab-fab bling. :o)

  3. Great list!! So many things to smile about 🙂 🙂
    And thanks for the Daily Dose award – how cool!! I am chuffed! Will put that up on mine tomorrow 🙂

  4. Just catching up after my absense and what do I find… bling for me? Thank you, I will pass on as soon as I have a moment.
    Love your smiley saturday things, what a great idea!

  5. Oh another good drop I can recommend although it isn’t the alcohol kind lol is Phoenix Sparkling Feijoa. Yum!!! I quite like Feijoa wine though. The google Earth scares me a bit. I know since we live close to a big city, you can get pretty close to our place. It’s a bit ‘big brother’-ish for my liking lol.

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