No more slacking off

This arrived on my doorstep yesterday morning. It’s their big box.


The contents are the year’s notes for my last two courses: Estates Law and Practice and Litigation Law and Practice. The LLP notes take up slightly more than a big D-ring binder can hold comfortably. I sit and look at the amount of paper in that folder. I am expected to read every. single. page. And remember it for the exam at the end of the year. 😯

The ELP course work looks a lot less daunting, sitting in at half way up the D-ring of it’s folder. By the time my notes get added, that folder will be full.

With my propensity to find things to do other than what I need to be doing, I have scheduled regular time for me to do the work. I chose to do the course via the Open Poly as it meant I could really fit it in and around family life. I think my preferred method for learning involves a fair amount of contact hours – which I don’t have via the Open Poly. Doing the work through this provider means I have to have some self discipline. Not always an area I excel in. This year, I am determined to lift my game and not have a stressed out finale. So, in aid of that, I have my own “Class” of one worked into my weekly schedule.

The first week of term starts this week. 🙂

PS – WS: I do see the pretty bling waiting for me…. just need to wait until my next scheduled internet break to put it up  😆


8 thoughts on “No more slacking off

  1. Yes, all the very best with your study!

    It’s a huge time commitment and exercise in self discipline studying via correspondence school, where a lot more reading and self directed learning is required; let alone being a full time mum at the same time. Yay you, I’m impressed!

  2. That sure is a big box!

    I completely understand the self-discipline thing. Working from home full-time requires TONS of it! It is very tempting to scrapbook all day, to take “nana naps” and to watch Dr Phil! Especially on the 3 days when I am home ALONE all day with nobody around to keep me accountable!

    All the very best for your studies this year. Just think, it will all be over at the end of the year and you’ll be so proud of what you have done!

  3. Hahaha, I too thought it was scrapping supplies! I thought ‘wow, she’s really treated herself!’ lol. You are so much braver than me. I have been looking into classes here and there but I’m not sure what to focus on or what is me. Yay, Kelly, for getting back into it and I am sure you will have wonderful self-discipline 😉

  4. That is a lot of reading! Not sure that I could handle it, my ‘mother’ brain reads stuff and forgets it the very next second. I have a little issue with procrastination too! Good luck with the first week of term. Oh and your c.j is now in Janine’s hands – nearly home.:o)

  5. I used to study through OP, I used to get so excited when all the materials arrived, lol, geeky huh?
    Goodluck with it!!!

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