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Appliance Surgery is the wrong calling for me.

Yep. I’m more likely to kill the appliance completely than I am to restore it to good health. Well, that is certainly the case with clothes dryers. I might forget that as a specialty and just work with other “patients”.

For some time now, our clothes dryer has been making a funny kind of sound. A bit like a popsicle stick stuck somewhere and catching on something as the drum was turning. It got a little louder over the weekend, and being the inside, rainy kind of weekend that it was, I thought it was a good time to check out what was going on. As you do.

Well, I quickly worked out that going through the top was not an option. I looked around at the screws, and decided that going through the bottom was the best bet. Imagine that advert on TV where the mechanic is telling the vehicle owner that he had to take apart everything from the bottom of the engine in order to discover the spark plugs needed cleaning. That turned out more or less the methodology adopted by my own fair self.

There are a lot of screws on a dryer. A lot. Four of them in particular are important. They help keep the motor fixed in place. Being fixed in place is extremely important to the health of the dryer. Just undoing those screws and peering inside is enough to loosen all sorts of things. Like a fan and a drum belt. And when you do the screws up without realising that you have moved some vital organs, well, your machine starts to make Crash-Baboom-BABOOM sounds and begins to sound very very unwell indeed. Potentially explosive even. Ooops!

So yesterday, I called our favourite appliance repair company. They were here this morning and cheerfully had a laugh. No, he said. You don’t go through the bottom, you go through the back. Otherwise you will kill your machine.

Turns out it was a bearing that needed replacing. After replacing that, and moving all the vital organs back into their proper places, the dryer is back to full health. And I have promised not to attempt surgery on my dryer again.


12 thoughts on “Appliance Surgery is the wrong calling for me.

  1. LOL!
    You are very brave to even TRY and fix the problem, Kelly! I usually just leave all those jobs to Rob, and then I tell him off for doing it himself. I am all about calling in the professionals πŸ™‚ πŸ˜€
    Glad your dryer is okay now.

  2. Hehehe, good job trying, Kelly! Isn’t it funny how we need these appliances??? Using my dryer the other day, the front panel falls down everytime you open the door. And the washer stops twice when it’s washing. So I have to go in and open the lid to get it going again lol. I wish there was some way everyone had an instant ‘white ware’ fund. Anything that annoyed you could be instantly fixed or replaced lol. Sadly, it’s an expensive job either way!

  3. LOL!

    What about the appliances that you can’t unscrew (to fix yourself) because they either don’t have any visable screws, or you need some damn special Allen key that “only an approved repairer” has access to? LOL, now that is a conspiracy if I ever saw one!

    Well, I don’t care how difficult it is: if I think I can, I’ll normally give it a go. Sometimes it works out. Others it usually means a more expensive bill than if I’d left it alone! πŸ˜†

  4. lol!! Perhaps you should go help WS with her vet/farm work πŸ˜‰

    Well, I could. ‘Cept they are living, breathing creatures with foul smells coming from their behinds. I don’t “Do” foul smelling things. Ever. {Well, except for baby bums – and only then when it is absolutely necessary! πŸ˜†

  5. awww Kelley! pulling appliances apart occasionally is good for the soul πŸ˜‰ lol

    Got to agree with you about the animal work there scrappydo!

  6. Oi !!!! There is nothing wrong with my animal’s botties thank you very much. Though a funny story about taking the goats to the vet to be de knackered ……. Anyway, my love MORE BLOG BLING !!!!!!!! for you over at my place.

    LoL – but they are alive, and kicking, and of the animal variety!!

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