Smiley Saturday #1


Smiley Saturday is brought to you by LighteningOnline. It’s a neat concept to acknowledge what made you smile this week – and perhaps make someone else smile too.

So, a little rundown on the things that made me smile this week:

  • Time spent de-stressing and relaxing with friends. This was achieved on Tuesday night with the aid of Nutrimetics and the lovely Teenage Shamrock and her mum Widdleshamrock. We all got to head off to our happy places and be reminded of how to relax. Plus I got the best ever neck warmer bag thing. WS: you NEED to get a microwave!! 😆
  • Joining in a car rally today to celebrate B’s “9th” birthday (B= he who is a leap year kid). Donna did a great job at organising it and it was a lot of fun. Despite the rain.
  • Watching Mr 3 in the Kindy sandpit. That’s where I’ve found him at pick up time everyday this week. Being busy busy with his little mates.
  • Seeing the enthusiasm Mr 6 has for all things rugby at the moment. We bit the bullet and registered him at the same rugby club as one of his school mates. Included at registration were the club socks, shorts and mouthguard. All of which got put on the moment he could and I swear he would have worn to bed if he could!
  • Up until today, the continuing fantastic summer weather (sorry to you farmers out there! I am a selfish so and so on this one)
  • Re-enrolling in my last 2 papers for the Legal Executive Cert even though I wasn’t so sure I could handle two papers this year. Over the week, I’ve come to realise that I am capable of doing it, and I will know at the end of the year, I have really achieved something big-ish that I set out to to.
  • The six Marshmellow easter eggs consumed over the last two days. Well, OK, so they only made me feel seriously happy for the 30 seconds it took to devour each one and now I need to get to the gym just one more time to deal to them. But that’s another story… and I think I’m going to have the last one now. Good night! 😆

7 thoughts on “Smiley Saturday #1

  1. Heh, Bettina took the words right out of my mouth. 😉

    You’ve had one BUSY week, you NEEDED chocolate.

    Busy week or no, I ALWAYS need chocolate! 😆 ‘specially dark…mmmmm… off to check my supplies now 😉

  2. hi kelly -t hanks for stopping by my blog! can i link you? i am doing a 365 also, except it’s going to be a 335 coz i started on feb 1 – still going strong tho! i am using photobucket and are going to have a separate album for each month as they have a limit of 30 images!!! there must be a way around that!!! anyway – love your blog

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