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Day 29 of 29

Wow! I made it!! 29 Days of taking photos of stuff. The stuff of my life. I’m so thrilled with that. Mainly because it was a challenge to just pick up the camera and get some everyday moments documented. And because the camera was always around this month, there were times when instead of just pointing and shooting, I was thinking about the shot more. There are a couple of the photos from the month that I am super pleased with how they turned out. Where instead of leaving the camera on auto, I got brave a little bit out of my comfort zone and used other settings, like Macro. Who knows, one day I might actually be able to take two great shots in a row! Anyway, thanks for putting up with my little photographic journey this month.

Today’s photo is of a new system we are putting in place for Mr 3. Funnily enough, Mr 6 thinks he’s missing out and is finding stuff to do in order to take part too. Mr 3 has been toiletted now for about six months or so. Most of it has been very independently done. Something that began to be noticed through the Christmas holidays was an increasing demand for Mum or Dad to come help. “Help” often was in the form of just standing and watching. I had my suspicions that it was some form of demands for our attention – as Mr 6 has the personality which ensures he gets a great deal and Mr 3 may have worked out his own little strategy on this one. However, his strategy was getting more and more frustrating: running up and down the hallway, insisting he could not go on his own. And then a couple of “accidents”. And then a little conversation with the teachers at kindy. Yep, the grand demands were being made on them too.

This all wound up with the conclusion we needed to re-direct Mr 3 and get him feeling confident with his independence once more. Gosh that sounds like a lot of PC twaddle doesn’t it??! Basically, neither myself or the teachers really wanted to be dragged to the bathroom when Mr 3 was more than capable of doing what he needed to do without help or an audience. So with a bit of thought, I decided to just steal one of Widdleshamrock’s ideas outright. A jellybean for every time Mr 3 wipes his own nose or bum on his own. Yes, I am completely unashamed to admit I resorted to bribery positive reinforcement.

Mr 3 thought this was a grand plan.

We spoke with the teachers the following morning. We all congratulated me on this winning formula. Mr 3 got a stamp on each hand that morning: one for his nose, and one for his bum, indicating entitlement to two jellybeans. And since that day, there has scarcely been a demand upon me for the former motherly duties to be performed.

Why am I left with the feeling I’ve been duped??!

Day 29:


Pure Bribery


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