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Day 27 of 29

And it is time for another Di Hickman sketch.

I’m really amazed at the variety of designs that came out of this week’s sketch. It seemed to really inspire lots of different creative juices. My take is for a friend’s hubby that is turning “9” this year. Yes, he’s a Leap Year boy and he is lucky enough to actually have a birthday this year.

Day 27:


Birthday Driveby

And this was the sketch:


Thank you too for all your well wishes in regards to the last post. I’m sure T will appreciate them greatly.

And on a swift turn left:

As part of an overall revamp of me that is currently underway, I’m excited that bits and bobs that have been on the back burner for simply ages are finally coming to the forefront and getting done. I’m really enjoying the sense of achievement that is coming from little things.

I had a turning point in mid-January, which I may or may not get into here at some point, where it really mattered with my health and well-being. Thanks to the love and support of some very amazing friends, I find myself on a journey back and able to tackle things that have just gotten away on me after some health issues. One of the things that I found was the over-all declutter and organisation around the house. Now this is being chunked down into small (very small!) pieces and is slowly but surely taking shape. It’s feeling really good to have a little control back in my life.

Another biggie was  re-enrolling last week for my last 2 papers in my Legal Executive certificate course. With all that was going on, I knew I was letting it slide – perhaps trying to get to a point where I wasn’t going to get re-enrolled at all. Finally I reached the point where I could see that I could achieve this and got onto that final step of re-enrolling. I’m still waiting for the material to arrive – but it seriously feels good to know it’s another step on my journey back that has taken place.

Things are good right now – and for that, I’m grateful. 🙂


3 thoughts on “Day 27 of 29

  1. Hey this was very cool to read kelly about your turning point. I am pleased that through friends you were supported and have some control back. Yipeee!!! A big hi five for Kelly. Love the card BTW. Fancy coffee in two weeks back and we can do the great cJ handover……BTW I will make a start on those cjs tonight….

  2. Sounds like you’ve been going through some “stuff” but I’m glad that you’ve had a turning point and are feeling so good about things. Yay for you!!!
    It’s awesome that you’ve got friends who were there for you and helped you through it, and it’s great that you’re excited about doing your papers this semester. Really happy for you! 🙂

  3. Glad things are getting back on track for you Kelly. Will we see you at Jeanettes scrap camp in June? I hope so

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