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A Simple Affair

I’m very pleased to have this layout finished. I had had trouble with the final touches as the things I was planning to use on it just didn’t work. After seeking some advice from some on-line scrapping buddies, I realised I was going to need to do a spot of shopping. Oh dear, how sad. NOT!!  I still couldn’t find what I’d decided I wanted to use (some dusky teal velvet ribbon), but as I went from store to store, I collected bits and pieces I thought I could use.

Donna came over tonight for a spot of our regular Thursday shot of craftiness. (darn: she remembered to take home her new stash of very cool pumpkin cardstock and ink!!) While she was busy making her nearest and dearest a card for his birthday (it’s really nice!), I thought I better get on and get some of these newly acquired bits and bobs on this layout. And I have to say, I’m pretty pleased with the end result. That’s always got to be a good thing 😉


It tells the story of how my Nana and Grandad did not have a big wedding, but a very simple ceremony at the registrar’s before returning to the farm to milk the cows. This was so my Grandad could use the money to pay for his sister’s wedding instead. I just loved finding out stuff like this when catching up with my Dad and my Aunty Orma last year.

Now, for those of local girls that might be interested, ScrapbookCentral is having a stocktake sale beginning on Saturday. Apparently there will be a discount on most things in store.

………I’m thinking I might have to take a wee look 😉


9 thoughts on “A Simple Affair

  1. what a beautiful story kelly, and I love those little blue crochet flowers? Well it can’t be helped if you needed to buy a few things for it now…..;-)

  2. Love how you finished the layout off. Beautiful story too and the crochet flowers are very cool. A trip out to Scrapbook Central on the weekend is a potentially expensive affair – cos dh will go to Mitre 10 Mega while we’re out there. Might have to sneak off on my own.

  3. That looks awesome. Particularly like how you have chosen colours that compliment the vintage of the photograoh.

    That’s such a touching story too.

    Was trying to guess from their clothing when they were married. Was it the forties?

    It was in the 30s.

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