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It’s all about ME!


Another BOM page (Book of Me). The prompts have started back up at Scrapbook Essentials and, although I have been quite good at adding to my album on my own, it’s good to have some prompts to get you started.

Having done 2 challenges for the forum in the past 24 hours I’m feeling pretty pleased. Never mind I had a whole month in which to get my BOM page done. I consider it an obligation to fulfil in my role as Queen of Procrastination.Β  πŸ˜† Β  I’m still hoping to get the fortnightly sketch done but as that deadline is tomorrow, it’s not looking so hot. Oh well – it’ll be the first one I think that I’ve missed for the year. And as I have the photos for it, I’m very likely to get the sketch itself done – just not for the deadline. So all is well in the pretty paper land of ScrappyDo.

Now, I’m off to drool catch up on Prison Break. And probably should think of doing a tidy in the lounge as I have Widdleshamrock and the teenage one over tomorrow evening for a spot relaxation and de-stressing. Bring it on!!


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