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A deluge of Photos is upon us!!

That would be because I have been MIA in posting my random pics over the weekend. C’est la vie! Here’s a catch up.

Friday afternoon I popped across to my neighbour’s house. We have had regular catch ups for quite some time up until Christmas. And usually over a quick, cold drink. A wee beer, or a couple of vinos. It was a great way to unwind. Then something happened in my life – and in hers too. Her news was way more exciting: she’s expecting #4… albeit unexpectedly. So the wee unwinding sessions had fallen by the wayside a little. Catching up at swimming lessons on Thursday, we were bemoaning this fact and decided we should catch up the following day. So we did. I brought a bottle of grapejuice. And it really was as pleasant a way to relax and chat as usual. We both wondered at the therapeutic and pyschological effects of holding a wine glass itself… at least with grapejuice it sorta felt like wine. Not so sure it would work with just water somehow! 😆 So, in honour of great friendship and our little ritual, I took a picture below. I swear to you all, the bluriness is not at all related to the content of said bottles!

Day 22:


Great Rituals

Saturday dawned as hot and muggy as it has been for a while. Relentless almost. I don’t know about anyone else, but it sure zaps the energy out of you. Great excuse to have a truly relaxed-don’t-get-much-done kinda day. And because you all know how I am the Queen of Procrastination, I waited until after the Mr’s were in bed before I decided to actually start the project I needed to have done. That would be one costume for the party the next day. Luckily it was decided a Wizard’s cape was the way to go.

It was loved! Mr 3 is no ordinary Sparkly Wizard. Noooo. He is a Bat Wizard! Notice the batlike way he wraps the cloak around him. Now, to find somewhere to hang him upside down…..

Day 23:


The BatWizard at home

And finally today. Well, having had a “day off” so to speak yesterday, I decided it wasn’t a good look to waste away yet another day. So housework was done attempted, party was attended and some scrapbooking was completed. I also cooked what is becoming a traditional Sunday lunch for us at present. Pancakes! Yummmm!! The recipe in the Edmonds book does not lend itself to fluffy and light pancakes sadly. My ones are enjoyed and I am told that they all like them. Still, feel free to link me to fool-proof light and fluffy recipes if you know of them! Luckily noone noticed that I have no idea of how to wield a melon baller either.

Day 24:


Welcome to Mama’s Cafe Special

I also got a bit of blog hopping and notice there are a lot of Saturday Smiley posts out there. It got me thinking – and also because Hannah tagged me waaaaay back when to name those things I am grateful for. So I’ve made a mental note to myself to ensure I get that done sometime this week.

I’ve also noticed that I have captured Mr 3 alot in these random pics. That is because he is the one at home in the afternoons when I typically have been snapping away. I’ve mentally resolved to randonly capture a couple more of Mr 6… if I can! 😆

Oh, and by the way… I did go on my own little cicada hunt – and here is one of my little noisemakers. I won’t mention the creepy way they like to hang out one our back wall in the late evening sun – and make a din!


7 thoughts on “A deluge of Photos is upon us!!

  1. What a great catch up. Love the wizard costume. Ugh at the noisemaker, I saw enough last week in Hamilton lol. Love the pci of the panckaes and now I want some. Hey we should do another coffee not next week but the week after?? I will however popin over the weekend to drop off that layout.

  2. Very cute wizard!!

    I have a kick-butt pancake recipe which I’ll try and remember to put on my blog soon 😉 Well we really enjoy it, and it has no sugar which is better for the kidlets! I don’t like pancakes with sugar in – I like to add my own sweet (or savoury) toppings.

    And I had completely forgotten about that tag!!! ROFL! 😀

  3. The bat wizard – too cute! I know what you mean about lots of photos of the younger one same here – cos she’s around all the time when I’m taking photos. Must try harder to get the older two. I use the edmonds pancake recipe cos it’s easier but dh has taken to making them the Jamie Oliver way – beating the egg whites separately and generally making waaaay more dishes!

  4. Wow! Those pancakes and the fruit salad look very scrummy indeed!

    The cicada shot is amazing!!!!!!!!!!! Are you a wildlife photojournalist in your other life?

    😆 Nope!! I shot it on Macro, whilst trying to keep my balance on the edge of the garden wall so I could get as close as possible and my arms as far as possible in above me to get in nice and close. I’m amazed I didn’t kill myself – and even more amazed the photo is even remotely good! 😆

  5. Ewwwwhhhhh that is one big disgusting thing on the branch/tree …. yick!!!!!

    Love the wee bat wizard … too cute.

    Hmmmmmmm … pancakes and fresh fruit … yummy!!!! And I couldn’t even tell you where my melon ball thingy is any more. But I know that I have got one somewhere.

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