The Sounds of Summer

At least one of the sounds of summer is still in full swing in our little neck of the woods. For some reason I never even thought about it to date this summer. But the last couple of days, it has gotten soooo noisey, it reminds me that yes, indeed, it is that time of year.

I’m talking Cicadas.

I’m truly grateful that they are not so loud this year as they were last summer. Yet. Last summer, you needed earplugs – even with your doors and windows closed. This year, I can hear them fine inside, but different rooms will lessen the sound. For those of you that don’t have a cicada population near you, can you let me know? I want to move there for the next few weeks. Alternatively, listen here and you can see what you are missing. Once this sound reaches a certain volume, it’s like you have it inside your head and you hear it even when you are asleep.

My mission today was to try and get a photo of one – there are at least 50 Billion-Trillion in my backyard alone (don’t forget, my greater backyard is bush reserve). I know they are there: I hear them! But do you think I could get a look at a single one??! While trying to direct my ears to a likely spot, I could make out the different clicking, and frequencies these little blighters are transmitting at. Or else, they are just determined to drive me insane as I imagine I’m hearing differences!

So today’s picture is one I’ve pulled directly from Wikipedia – and I hope to get one of my own. I feel the beast that invades my senses so much deserves to be recognised on my February page after all.

Day 21 Stand-in:


…and they are jolly ugly too!


11 thoughts on “The Sounds of Summer

  1. Gosh I had to laugh about you trying to find one, I only ever manage to come up with empty shells but I so agree they are noisy little sods and the cat is almost always sick when he eats them grrrr _ but they really are a sign of summer šŸ™‚

  2. Ah yes, I noticed the noise today – my ears were ringing when I came in from hanging out the washing. Good luck on getting a photo – now that’s a challenge!

  3. They are loud, aren’t they?! And VERY ugly!!
    On the way from Hahei to Cooks Beach there is a particular stretch of road that has a bunch of trees all clustered together, and they are obviously a type of tree that cicadas love!! Whenever we drove past, even with windows up, and at a decent speed, all we could hear was a HUGE chirping noice. The first time we drove past, I said “Oooh, I wouldn’t like to live in those trees” and then each time after that Ethan would say “Mummy, you would like to live there, eh?” (laughing) … the kids now call them “the cicada trees”.

  4. Its funny, I was just thinking this yesterday too! I noticed how much louder they had become which signals the end of summer. I was so disappointed in summer ending that I didn’t worry too much about the noise. LOL!

  5. We have been plagued by them here in the Waikato too.

    I actually found one the other day, and it was the best sort too – a DEAD one, mwhahaha!

  6. I can just see you out tracking in the bush to hunt one down! LOL. Don’t have them where we are but certainly hear them at various parts round town.

  7. lol too funny because Hamilton was full of them. We had one in our shower block on Thursday morning and imagine three grown woman running around in the shower block trying to avoid it…..I think our screaming scared it. For some reason if it was green it wouldn’t have bothered me but because it was black it freaked us all out….

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