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Days 18 and 19 of 29

Still with the lack of uploading pics… still taking them.

Noticed I haven’t taken many sneak peeks of my circle journals of late. I keep forgetting to take photos before they get bagged up and out the door. The one I have just received is a gorgeous circle album for TanyaLeigh – who wants to find out about our scrap spaces. Have to say, I’m very jealous of all the entries so far! Some really lovely spaces the girls have got.

Monday was the start of a new school week – Mr 6 was looking forward to getting back especially. We’d just gotten news that he got a place in piano lessons through the school. He’s been wanting to start learning for over a year now. He has said he wants to learn to play a brass instrument just like dad, but until he gets enough adult teeth through, that’s not advisable. In the interests of keeping his interest in music up, we did a music skills class last year and this year tried to find a spot in keyboard lessons. So I was thrilled to get the place via school. He came home from school and spent teh afternoon practicing on and off – and then it was the first thing he did after breakfast on the Tuesday. Now, I know the novelty will wear off, but I love the enthusiasm shown so far.

Day 18:


Piano Boy

Yesterday was a glorious day up our way – I just love the sky when it is like this. Blue – sunny – cloudless. I would love it just a tad more if the cicada song wasn’t there. The song of summer? And at least so far they are not as loud as they were last summer.

For those that may be interested: that’s Widdleshamrock’s place – the teensy bit of white you see are their tanks… I reckon we could do the flying fox thing. From her kitchen to our office 😆

Day 19:


My ever changing picture window


3 thoughts on “Days 18 and 19 of 29

  1. Great that he wants to learn keyboard! An excellent instrument to learn, in my opinion (I would say that, since I play the piano). I started around age 6 as well and I am FOREVER grateful to my parents for encouraging me to keep going, even when I didn’t want to practice, etc. I would have been SO disappointed with myself now if I hadn’t kept it up.

  2. How cool that your boy wants to learn music – hope it continues. I tried to convince my son to take up something – even drums but no – not gonna happen!! I wish I could play something musical myself.

  3. Cool that he is doing keyboard. Tobyn is starting on Thursday, 1st lesson and he is 3 years older that your Mr. He is really looking ofrward to it too. T’s keyboard teacher suggests they do their practice in the morning before school. I like this idea as it gets it out of the way 1st thing and there won’t be any after school ‘fights’ for practice.
    You have a very cool outlook from your place. Are they new houses going up?

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